Galaxy S8 to Float while charging?

It is only a matter of time that we see the shift from one generation of a phone to the other, and, the journey of their evolution is sure worth the watch. The case is no different with the Galaxy s8. Ever since the Samsung came up with its first ever Galaxy S Smartphone, even the makers wouldn’t have thought of how much the device is capable of progressing in the years to come.

Galaxy s8

The journey from regular charging to fast charging to wireless charging in the S7, and now, now we are hear about the Galaxy S8 to float while charging? It is a rather extension of what we see in wireless charging, but still, it is, quite something as we hear it for the very first time. It is with the help of OvRcharge that the device will charge wirelessly as it floats in air.

The OvRcharge is nothing but a wooden box, a block of wood rather, and acts as a charging station for the device. The working and processing of this block of wood is definitely super duper advanced. A case present a few inches above the station caused the device to spin in a controlled manner, which creates the ‘Jedi Effect’ as the Smartphone heightens up and floats in the air. The magnetic levitation provides the charging to be done, and despite the device not being physically in contact with the block of wood.

That sounds really cool, doesn’t it? The device shall be compatible with not only the Samsung Galaxy S8, but also other range of Samsung Smartphones and the iPhone, including the iPhone 8 as well.

Talking about the release date of the Galaxy S8, we can hope the device to be out in the month of February next year, or at most, by the month of March. This is yet another of the much awaited release for the next year. Along with the wireless charging, the S8 shall also sport 4K display, a 4200 mAh battery, OLED display, and may be a new processor as well. the look and feel of the phone is yet to be disclosed, but as far as the software and hardware are concerned, both are going to see a major change and of course, only be better. To add on to what we already know, the S8 will also bring in the new version of Android, which is, Android v7.0 Naught. The Smartphones releasing next year are likely to have the latest Android only.

Talking about the price, the Smartphone is expected to be priced at 65,000 INR, which we think we could pull off, given the range of features the Smartphone has added on board!

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