Why Schools Need a Parent School Communication App

In the education system, the role of communication is imperative, whether it happens between teachers and students, parents and educators, students and parents, or vice-versa.

Without communication, imparting education to students is not possible. Kids are the future of the nation, so shaping their future is not alone the responsibility of schools, parents equally have to intervene.

It may seem surprising, but the fact is, communication gap is the big issue with most of the parents in tier 1 cities because of their busy schedules. Consequently, they do not give enough time to their kids, which is disappointing.

Talking about tier 2 or 3 cities, parents consider connecting with teachers is of extreme importance to stay informed about their kid’s progress.

Apart from ICT, many schools have started using parent-school communication app to reduce communication gap. This post further explains reasons to have a communication app.

parent school communication app

To Improve Communication

As mentioned at the beginning, communication is the key to creating a successful learning environment in the best interest of the kids. So many schools nowadays have started to use parent-school communication app like Teno that bridges the communication gap between parents and teachers. The best thing about this app is it is free.

To Improve Education Standards

To raise the quality of education, many schools adopted ICT that turned traditional classed into smart classes. However, communication is something that can’t be replaced by anything. So an improved communication is the key to raise education standards. When teachers and parents work collaboratively for the 360 development of kids, they create the recipe for academic success. The thing that helps improves communication is parent-school communication app.

To Reduce Communication Costs

Use of parent-school communication app reduces communication costs. Technological advancement has made it possible that teachers and parents can communicate whenever they want even without exchanging their phone number.

To Simplify Task

Parent school communication app not only eliminates communication gap, but also offers tools that simplify tasks, and save precious time and money. For instance, if a parent is out of town and wants to know how well his/her kid is doing at schools, thy can easily know with the help of parent-school communication app because it allows teachers to share all crucial information in real-time.

To Achieve Better Results

The main motive of a parent-school communication app is to connect parents and educators to create a favorable and beneficial learning environment. Further, it helps them work on a common goal that is the good development of kids by achieving better results.

Over to You

The points as mentioned above show using a parent-school communication app can make a big difference when it comes to raising education standards.

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