10 Best Lightweight Keyboard for Android

Google Play Store offers best Android keyboards for the impatient teenager indulged in a group chat or a budding writer writing his first blog! With the Android in our hands, there are various options to get the best Android keyboards. This article consists of a collection of  Android keyboards that may fulfill your urge to improve typing speed. Make sure you don’t fall short of words with these speedy, accurate and user friendly apps.

Popular Android Keyboards for Better Accuracy

We all require an Android keyboard that offers instant as well as accurate typing experience. Youngsters are constantly into their  phones either chatting or tagging or posting! Along with a good net speed, a fast keyboard is also a must because a photo is incomplete with a title. We have prepared a list of popular android keyboards that might fulfill your needs.

1.SwiftKey Keyboard

A popular Android keyboard that offers line predictions, auto correction, gesture typing, different sized keyboards, default themes, cloud syncing. Recently purchased by Microsoft, the app is rebuilt with many innovative features that makes you drool over the app.

The most unique feature is the line prediction in which the user needs to mention some words while the smart app predicts the rest. The accuracy increases as you use it. It decreases language barrier as it supports 100 languages! Get the app for free!



Download SwiftKey Keyboard!

2.Fleksy Keyboard

For the unstoppable chatters, writers, this is the perfect android keyboard for all! The app has bagged the title ”World’s Fastest Texting” twice and is the best keyboards ever made. The tagline states ‘Fast.. Beautiful..Fun which is indeed true! Using gestures to delete words or selecting auto-correction options, find and search Emojis or GIF’s, resize keyboards, beautiful themes gives you better keyboard experience.

It uses next generation auto-correct that maintains accuracy. Thus, the customizable extensions and theme makes it beautiful and fun to use and the world’s fastest texting keyboard!


Download Fleksy Keyboard!

3.GBoard – The Google Keyboard

Fall in love with Google as it brings to you speedy, reliable features like glide and voice typing, finding Emoji or GIF, multilingual typing and dictionaries, Google translate and a Google search built-in. These features are pretty enough and worth downloading. Developed by Google, the app is malware free! Download the app and try it for yourself.


Download GBoard!

4.TouchPal Keyboard

This app comes with a fun factor! This Android Emoji keyboard is loaded with 1000+ Emojis, emoticons, GIF’s, stickers and text faces! The latest technology of BoomText is supported by TouchPal Keyboard. The user can convert the text with funny animation, create your own GIF and share it among your friends and spread smiles! This app is a must download for this generation!


Download TouchPal Keyboard!

5.Microsoft Hub Keyboard

This app is different; instead focusing on preparing an accurate and fast typing system.It concentrates itself to work to improve Word and Excel. Designed exclusively for the entrepreneurs, the Microsoft Hub Keyboard helps expanding your clipboard, sharing documents and much more. It works best with Office 365 account! Let’s get back to some serious work with Microsoft Hub Keyboard!


Download Microsoft Hub Keyboard!

6.Swype Keyboard

To get the fastest keyboard experience, download the Swype keyboard that pays attention to the input text and prepares a personal language model so that next time you type a word, the app will fill the rest. It supports audio audio-response typing and gesture for the lazy users. Resize the keyboard and get typing! A free and paid version is available, roll down to download the free version.


Download Swype Keyboard

7. Minuum Keyboard

Imagine about a small keyboard and a large screen space! This is a reality now with Minuum keyboard, developers have customized the keyboard to provide a bigger screen interface. The features are developed to meet precision and high speed for the user. Experience the smaller but smarter keyboard app!


Download Minuum Keyboard!


Chrooma is a lightweight and swift Android keyboard app. The best part about this app is that it changes its color at regular interval as and when you change the app. Simple, fast and colorful are the three adjectives expressing the above. Other features include sharing emojis, typing through gestures and is multilingual in nature. It consist of a Night Mode, which adjusts light accordingly. Experience the colorful app for yourself!


Download Chrooma!

9.Hacker’s Keyboard

Do you love the keyword layout of your computer? Your android phone might acquire it with Hacker’s Keyboard. It is based on AOSP Gingerbread soft keyboard which supports  multi touch commands. Now with this app, you don’t need a computer, work on the smaller screen device, anywhere and everywhere!


Download Hacker’s Keyboard!

10. Google Handwriting Input Keyboard

This Android keyboard app allows to write or draw with your fingers, while the app plays the part of the converter. The app is simple to use with 97 languages. It supports cursive, printing handwriting with or without stylus. The Android keyboard is smart enough to understand all your messy handwritings! Explore writing, drawing or painting!


Download Google Handwriting Input Keyboard!

Over to you!

We have presented the list of best Android keyboard which will render easy interface, lightweight and fast typing. Along with this basic feature, it comprises of finding and searching emoji’s, emoticons, stickers,audio or gesture,compatible keyboard etc. Accuracy is also maintained by auto correct function and a portable keyboard that allows productive performance. Download your desired android keyboards to continue your grapevine!

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