10 Forecasted SEO Trends for Current Era

There are fluctuations in Search Engine optimization as Google modify its algorithm constantly to improve user experience and keep business owners on their toes. In this way, there have been several developments in SEO from few last years. Keeping in mind Google’s updates and modification, every year SEO experts predict some SEO trends that likely to dominate or prevail in the future. Here we’ve listed 10 forecasted trends that are set to rock the world in the current era.

  1. Shift from Desktop First to Mobile First

Google is moving towards a mobile-only world as mobile searches are increasing at a rapid pace. The statistics show that almost 60% searches are mobile based, so people are more likely to use smartphones for searches. This is why numerous websites are getting the great portion of traffic from smartphones. So, mobile indexing is vital so it’ll become mandatory in coming months.

  1. Rich Answers Increasing

Due to the rising popularity of voice search, the rich answer listing is one of the forecasted trends of the current era. In this way, structured data markup will help webmasters achieve enhanced listing. For this purpose you have to create unique, quality content containing answers of complex questions.

  1. Voice Search Will Dominate

It is significantly gaining popularity because users find it easier and simpler to just talk to their phones instead of typing keywords in the search engine. In this way, the webmaster should use the content pieces containing long tail keywords because voice searches contain phrases or more keywords than the text searches. Apple, Google and Microsoft have launched Siri, Google Now and Cortana as new version of virtual assistants that spurred the popularity of voice search.

  1. Local Search Gets More Local

Since the Google rolled out Penguin update, the local search has become prominent in the SEO. According to a survey conducted by Business2community, 60% of consumers likely to use local information in the ads. Google is making significant changes in the local search that will have a great impact on small and medium sized businesses.

  1. Rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages

In this mobile only world, webmaster are more inclined towards Accelerated Mobile pages to provide better mobile-friendly experiences. AMP helps designers to build the fast loading and responsive pages, ensuring users lightning –fast reading experience.

  1. Integration of Machine Learning

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the world. As an extraordinarily powerful technology, machine learning will pave the way for solving business problems and this trend will continue to expand in coming years.

  1. Cross Channel Marketing

This year, cross channel marketing is a top priority for marketers.  It’s all about reaching the target audience through various channels to provide them ultimate user experience. Now the consumers use distinctive channels so it’s important for brands to have a strong presence over all channels.

  1. Progressive web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps will continue to dominate this year as they have made user experience immersive and in this era businesses are trying hard to meet user’s expectations.

  1. Long Form Content will cease to be attractive

The long content is still trending and it will continue to perform well in the search results. In order to rank well organically and increase the conversion rate, you must need to create unique and long content pieces.

  1. Superlative User Experience

This era in SEO is all about providing the ultimate user experience to the customers or users. The goal of brands or businesses is to build long-term relationships with their valued customers, so they will come back again for purchase or services. In this way, SEO companies in Pakistan and around the world are helping businesses in retaining and maintaining their old and new customers.

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