10 Google Analytics features to Increase Business ROI

Are you searching for what is Google Analytics how does it work or benefits of Google Analytics if yes then you have landed on the right page? I am here to share with you 10 Google Analytics features

In today’s digital era it is very difficult to keep track of the performance of your website in the search engine.

Aside from downloading metric measuring software’s to keep track of your site’s performance, Google Analytics is an enterprise-class web application which gives statistics about the visitors and web traffic generated for the website.

No doubt Google Analytics is the best feature of digital marketing. It measures the analytical metrics from zero to in-depth level performance of your website.

It provides an intuitive user interface to the marketers, measuring the features on how the visitor came from, whether it came from organic searches, referral websites or the searched keywords.

Google Analytics helps to keep track of your marketing programs, email marketing, pay per click programs and much more. The measurable factors help the digital marketers to test their strategies and build the new one if the first one didn’t work.

10 Google Analytics features

10 google analytics features

  1. Google Analytics gives metrics of your website’s performance at two different time frames, it charts the stats of your website at a real time and shows the performance based on area, city, and country.
  2. Providing referring sites and the search results, it also provides the number of visitors and the browser they came from and helps to track the quality traffic of your website.
  3. It helps you to make targets and goals about your business and determines what is wrong in the marketing strategy.
  4. Google analytics allows full integration of AdWords. It helps to measure campaign, groups, and keywords which will give the stats about clicks, impression, conversion etc.
  5. Helps to reduce the bounce rate of the website by giving the measure of the entry page and the exit page of your website, which in turn will help to make the exit page stronger.
  6. There is a feature of alerts which will notify the goals and targets when completed.
  7. Helps to track the time frame the user stayed on your website and gives the frequency and recency of the page views of your website.
  8. Google Analytics has a feature of Benchmark which will measure from where the conversion of the sale came from i.e email marketing, social media, organic searches or paid ads.
  9. It has a feature of UTM (urchin tag manager), which allows the digital marketers to restrict the visitors who are clicking on the paid ads regularly.
  10. It tells the user flow of the traffic coming on the website and helps to track which page property of the website needs more concern.

Thus Google Analytics is the best feature of Digital marketing which gives the potential factors on how to optimize the marketing strategy and increase the business ROI. All the measuring factors are helpful in designing and crafting your website traffic.

Through AB testing the digital marketers can optimize the different resources of their websites which are much more in-depth than the available paid software’s available in the market.

This is all about 10 Google Analytics features.To Learn More About This Topic, Enrol At Digital Technology Institute, Delhi.





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    Pooja Kole October 6, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    Hi Poorvi,

    Thanks for sharing vital information in your write up. Google analytics is certainly one of the best tools to use to analyze traffic on your blog or website. It has very good features that they offer for free while some are only offered in paid version google 360. I was not knowing the benchmark feature which google analytics provide to track the sales.

    They also have features like creating custom dashboards and adding filters to stop traffic from bots and to restrain traffic from untrusted sources.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!!

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