10 Secret URL every Google user must know

10 Secret URL every Google user must know

There is a lot of question among people whether Google tracks their each and every information like search history, location, related ads, they get and many more. The answer is YES! With or without your willing Google tracks it and all the things that recorded will be saved in the Google server.

Google provide many functions, easy to access, as well setting up privacy. The best thing to check out all the stuff we have 10 important URL.

Here is the list of Google’s secret URLs that every Google user must know:

  1. How to check out your search history (whatever you have searched in Google)?


This link provides you to know what all things you have browsed and top websites you checked out frequently on particular day too.

  1. What about location history?


Use this link to track down which all places you had been if it’s enabled. once its enabled then takes all the information where ever you travel via Google or android phone.

  1. then about ads sense?


You can control all the ads you get as Google tracks it via Google+, it’s actually based on your gender and age and the interest. Can change according to your wish, if you want turn on or off or customize.

  1. User of yahoo, Rediff, live etc.


Best thing about this is you can be yahoo, Rediff, Outlook user etc. but without obtaining new Gmail address you can sign up.

  1. You have to download any archive in Google?


Login into your Google account. Select any data or product you want to download and that’s all done.

  1. Access permissions?


This link is perfect you to decide which app, sites on phone or desktop to access it.

  1. Want to complaint?


If you an issue that your contents are appearing on any other website, then you can file a complaint against them DMCA complain along with Google. Either they remove the content or block it.

  1. Worrying about your inactive accounts termination?


Here is the link where you can set up an alert where it sends an alert to your existing account and can save your inactive account without getting terminate.

  1. Is someone else is using your account?


Best way to check out whether someone else is also using your account without your knowledge, if yes then you can logout all Google sessions.

  1. Google account is hacked?


No worry just click on this link. You get secret link to set up your admin password. Asks you to verify your domain name.in your DNS just create CNAME records.

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