2018 Mini Cooper Countryman: One of the best “mini” SUV in the market

MINI Cooper Countryman is a small crossover with excellent active safety features and an upscale cabin. In the higher trim levels, it also offers an engaging performance which is achieved because of a turbocharged engine. The car also offers a good fuel economy. The 2018 MINI Cooper Countryman faces tough competition in the market due to the premium price tag. The competitors such as Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro have introduced new models with added safety and interior features. Since the focus on the hybrid cars in increasing these days, keeping in mind the environmental safety, MINI has launched a new hybrid plug-in variant in the line-up amongst the other trim levels.

Why buy MINI Cooper Countryman?

MINI Cooper generally has an image of having a tight cabin space. However, when Cooper Countryman is reviewed from the inside, the cabin comes out to be very spacious. The comfort and luxury offered by the car will not get you tired at the end of the journey. Moreover, the car also has a cabin with rich and sophisticated material. The upscale interiors make you feel comfortable even during the long journey hours. The drivers would enjoy the ride specifically because of the poised handling. The steering wheel is quite responsive and inspires confidence in the driver. The active safety features even in the base models are a great add-on for the customers. The Mini cooper Countryman prices start at $26,600.

Why not buy MINI Cooper Countryman?

Every automobile has its positives and negatives. The negatives of this car are overpowered by the excellent features that it offers to the customers. An important drawback that should be considered before buying the car is the weak base engine. The weaker base engine means lesser power. You will not be able to use this car like other crossover SUVs which have a more powerful engine. So, if you are expecting to have acceleration within a couple of seconds, the expectations might not be met. The car is small in size and thus, it can be understood that the cargo space offered would not be exceptional. The trunk of the car has low capacity and thus, subpar cargo space for the customers.

Features and Specifications:

MINI Cooper Countryman is a 5-seater car.  The front row has ample amount of legroom and the headroom is adequate even for the tall passengers. There are various trim levels available for MINI Cooper Countryman. Not much information is available for the hybrid model since it is new in the market. However, if you are going for the gas-powered engine, the available variants have the engines rated from 134 horsepower to 228 horsepower. The power delivered by the engine is much less compared to the other crossover SUVs but this Mini is designed for more comfortable ride than a faster one. The available drivetrains are the all-wheel-drive and the front-wheel-drive in the different trim levels. It is available in two transmission variants. You can select from the manual transmission or the automatic transmission in all the models.


MINI Cooper Countryman offers a comfortable ride with high-quality interiors. Even the rear seats of the Countryman are comfortable for the passengers. This is a rare feature because, in most of the other SUVs such as Hyundai Kona, the rear passengers do not get much headroom and legroom. However, when the width of the seats is considered, the front seats are a bit narrow. The design of the interiors is sleek and soft-touch materials enhance comfort and luxury. The infotainment features a 6.5-inch screen, Apple CarPlay, and wireless charging.


2018 MINI Countryman is a piece of excellence when it comes to the premium interiors and the comfort it offers to the passengers. The upscale materials demand a higher price. However, if you want more power, you might not be impressed because of the poor base engine. Moreover, the competition offers better value for money with their products.

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