3 Types of Challenge Coins That You Can Buy

A challenge coin is a type of small coin in which an organization’s emblem is engraved. Today, challenge coins are used by fire and police department, special club, college, and much more. These coins are given to prove the membership of the challenged and to improve the morale of those who are accepted or join said group. These coins are used by used by the group members or firm for which the coin was made.

Challenge coins can be made out with precious metals or plated with silver or gold. They symbolize the emblem of the organization and symbol of the organization. You can always customize these coins according to your needs and choices. Challenge coins are basically an amazing piece of art that is known for its exquisite designs and look. These coins can also be made custom made by altering the color, finish, quantity and design. Take a look at this article to know about various types of custom coins.


Dog Tag Shaped Challenge Coins

Dog tags challenge coins are quite fully functional and unique to its scene. These custom coins are crafted in different styles and features and can be used to educate, inform, promote and build relationships. These dog tags do not have round shape and size like traditional challenge coins and can be used for fundraising purpose. These are quite popular with the members of the military as they are quite similar to the dog tags that the military people used to wear during wars. The amazingly unique shape and size of these dog tag shaped coins help in drawing the attention of people to this custom made coin

Custom Medallions

You can show your employees and team members their value by awarding them custom medallions. These coins are durable and create a long lasting impression on the mind of the customers. You can show your team members and employees their value to the customers by giving them custom medallions. You can show your colleagues and staff about their importance by giving these coins that demonstrate the time, sacrifice and hard work that they have put in achieving the strategic goals. The custom made medallions motivate their confidence and help them to be more productive in the organization. These custom made medallions are more like awards that are given during races, marathon and other kinds of competitions. This is an amazing way to get onboard and identify a special event or celebration. It is a perfect award that can be given in awards and recognition ceremonies and can be worn around the neck or hung on the wall.

Challenge Coin Bottle Openers

The challenge coin bottle openers are known for its stunning design. The look and appearance of challenge coin bottle openers are quite similar to standard challenge coins. Challenge coin bottle openers are like multi-functional objects that have revolutionary design and shape. These coins can also be personalized with your company’s or organization’s information, mascot or logo and can be given as ultimate giveaway items at parades, sports events, conferences and job fairs. Companies can also combine the look and appeal of traditional coins to make a bottle opener coin for your company.

Final Word

These are some different types of custom coins that are quite popular among people. So, if you are planning to buy challenge coins then choose a credible website that can offer you challenge coins for sale.

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