4 New Threat Intelligence Tools for Immortality

Four Threat Intelligence Tools for Immortality

Cyber threats are not a mutable thing. Internet criminals are intelligent, and the tools they have to attack their targets become more varied and sophisticated with every passing day. That’s why it’s important to know your enemy. Securing yourself against known threats is one thing, but anyone serious about protecting their information needs a system or sophisticated threat intelligence API’s that can keep them up to date on the latest threats out there and predict and provide safeguards against what cyber threats might be on the horizon. Here are some of the bestthreat intelligence tools you can use to get a leg up on criminals.

Palo Alto Networks

If a new cyber threat emerges, chances are you won’t be the first to get hit by it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t continue to be a threat. That’s what makes Palo Alto Networks such an effective platform.

They collate the threat data from every user in their network and then automatically employ prevention measures throughout their network. That means that as soon as a threat emerges, you’ll get the security that you need to stay safe from it. Of course, the effectiveness of a system like this is contingent on the scope of their network, but Palo Alto has tens of thousands of customers spread across 150 countries.


While the sort of automation that many threat intelligence tools offer can make your job much easier, you’ll likely still need to employ human security teams to monitor your systems. CrowdStrike focuses on securing your system’s endpoints, but one of its most important tools is the MalQuery search engine. MalQuery serves as a database of potential malware, so your team can just plug the information in to the search bar and get nuanced information on what it signifies. While malware search engines like these have long been seen as ineffective, MalQuery could be changing the game in a significant way. MalQuery processes 560 terabytes of information a day, and it’s recognized as being 250 times more powerful than comparable search tools.


Another tool that assists rather than replaces the human element in your cyber security team is IDA Pro, one of the most well regarded disassemblers on the market.

Disassemblers provide your team with the means they need to take apart any malware on your system. By breaking down this malware into its component parts, your team can reverse engineer how it works, allowing them to determine the threat level and create more meaningful safeguards in the future.


Endgame comes with one of the most prestigious legacies around in the threat intelligence industry. Endgame is used by the United States Department of Defense and multiple agencies within the country’s intelligence apparatus. This automated tool uses algorithms that allow it to think the way cyber-criminals think, a practical necessity when you’re trying to take preventive measures against threats that haven’t yet been developed. With a robust team of data scientists on hand to continually develop the platform, Endgame should continue to be a valuable tool for companies and other organizations for a long time to come.

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