4 Online Marketing Tips That Will Make Your Product Stand Out


Even though it is true that the internet gave small companies and startups a way for their voice to be heard all over the globe, there is a real fear that this voice will get lost in the myriad of other similar ones. You see, at the moment there are about 644 million active websites out there, most of them being businesses trying to promote their product. With this in mind, you might need some help standing out. Luckily, you can rely on one (or more) of these online marketing tricks.

  1. Make the Process as Simple as Possible

The first thing you need to keep in mind here is that while everyone prefers simple shopping processes, for a lot of people they are completely deal-breaking. What they want is to add your product to the cart and then be able to buy it in few simple clicks. Overcomplicating your purchase process tends to scare them off. Furthermore, even if they do buy from you, they will probably be reluctant to do some again, which is a particularly troublesome thought. Return business is one of the most important aspects of resale, seeing how 8 percent of return customer usually generate about 40 percent of all profit.

  1. Get a Better Google Rank

Another thing you need to think about is your overall visibility on the search engines. There is an interesting statistic claiming that about third of all people online finish their search at the No.1 positioned result. The second gets about 18 percent of all visitors and the third one about 11 percent. By the time we reach page 2, nearly 95 percent of all audience will already find what they were looking for. This is why, according to experts behind renowned GWM SEO Agency, reaching the first page needs to become your number one concern.


  1. Go Mobile

In 2017 the whole world is going mobile. Two years ago, the number of people browsing the internet through mobile devices became larger than the number of those who do the same through desktop setups. This year, Android officially became more popular web browsing OS than Windows. With this in mind, in order to appeal to your target demographic, you need to go mobile. Optimizing your website for mobile might be a logical first step, but keep in mind that an average mobile user spends 89 percent of the time on apps and only 11 percent on a search engine. This is why you might even want to consider app advertising.

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  1. Make Your Content Interesting

Finally, there is nothing more organic than attracting an audience through quality content. Everyone online has an agenda. You want to sell your product and your audience wants to find something of value to them. Most commonly, we are talking about reviews of products they intend to buy, tips that could make their life easier or even guides on topics that piqued their interest. Still, having an interesting topic is sometimes not enough. The text needs to be well-written, packed with useful information and relevant data. One last thing, seeing how 8 out of 10 people these days don’t read past the headlines, it might be worth your while to make every single word in them count.

In Conclusion

While these four simple tips may seem as something quite obvious and straightforward, you would be surprised just how many business owners tend to overlook or disregard them. Luckily, this might just be what you need in order to gain a competitive advantage over them. In the end, keep in mind that your audience is bound to check several places for a similar product, so if your quality of service is much lower or the price is much higher, they won’t hesitate to buy elsewhere. To make the long story short, in order for these marketing tricks to work, your logistics must be ironclad.

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