5 Android Apps which helps to Save Money While Shopping Online

Undoubtedly, this is an era of online shopping where we have over 100 shopping portals on the web and almost every website has similar products with similar prices. However, at times some of these websites come up with deals and offers provided exclusively to them, which brings the price products by a considerable margin. Now, it becomes really cumbersome to keep track of price of what you want on hundreds of website. Simply speaking, it is not possible. There were some websites and apps, who take the challenge upon themselves and came up with price comparison apps, which allow users to keep track of prices on the Internet. This idea soon caught up and several price comparison apps and websites cropped up online. Here is a list of top 5 Android apps, which allow users to keep track of trending prices online and help save money at the same time.


MSPThis website happens to be one of the oldest price comparison tools around and is well regarded by users in India. Keeping up with the change in time and market trend, the website has come up with its own Android app, which according to the website scans over 100 e-commerce websites frequently. This allows the app to be one of the most updated apps in terms of changing prices. It comes with a detailed deals and coupons section, which is regularly updated with the latest deals being offered by various e-commerce websites.  Mysmartprice happens to be a free to download app on the Play Store and boasts of an envious download counts.



This app is a must have for anyone who is searching for their next smartphone, laptop or tablet and cannot make up their mind as to where to buy it from. Since most retail outlets mostly sell at the MRP pasted on the boxes, most users these days opt for purchasing them online and bound to get confused by plethora of websites. 91Mobiles has been designed for such users who are looking for above mentioned three categories. This app offers one of kind features like chat with experts to get advice, smart search, 91score and price list indexed by brands. On the other hand, this app is limited by its categories and is not much of a use for those who are looking for other products.


PRPriceraja is one of the new entry in the price comparison industry and has been on its way to the top for a while now. The PriceRaja app on Google Play Store is a free to download and top rated app from its users. The users of this app has given it a rating of 4.3 stars and it has managed to achieve the same within the short span of time of its launch. The PriceRaja app has been designed to mimic the entire website with features like comparison, spec score and value for money indicator, which helps save time on research. The app also has a massive and dedicated coupon section that is updated frequently so that its users can find all deals and offers online, at one place. It is a must have for anyone who is looking to save money while shopping online.


grabob (1)A new entrance in the price comparison industry, Grabon is one of the most popular app preferred by a large number of users. However, the drawback of the app is that it only specialises in deals and coupons being offered online. While the app has massive selection of offers and deals, it is limited only to those, which is a drawback. It remains a hassle to see whether the product you want or the deal you are looking for exist or not. If you are looking for a deal on a particular product, this app is not much of a use.


cdCoupondunia app is also free to download on Google Play Store and is on the same lines as that of Grabon. This application has been designed to provide all deals and offers to the online shoppers to save money on their purchase. However, the app does not allow the user to compare and select a product and users still need to research when it comes to product selection. Using this app only makes sense when you have already selected the product and looking for additional discount.

These are the apps that one must have in their smartphones if they shop extensively online and need a constant source of online deals and offers. It is recommended to go for an all in one solution like PriceRaja app or Mysmartprice than those that only show deals and offers. These app will take care of all your shopping needs and save time on research and effort.

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