5 Key Features to Expect in Future Smartphones

Where ever you take one look round you; the one thing that you will be almost guaranteed to see is the smartphone.  For young people today it is impossible to imagine a time when the smartphone did not exist!

In fact, it is safe to say that there is no other device which has become so important to society in such a short space of time.

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Here are 5 Key Features to Expect in Future Smartphones

Cell phones have been in existence for in excess of 30 years, although the smartphone as it is known today has been with us for much less time, it can be argued that the rudiments of this design first appeared as long ago as 1984.

Amazing New Features

The hone you hold in your hand and see everywhere today is very different from the original versions.  It is effectively a small personal computer and allows you to connect with people across the globe.  Few people could have envisioned the capabilities of these devices when they were launched, they would have been deemed science fiction; not science fact.

There is no doubt that this advancement will continue; smartphones of the future will be able to do so much more than today; here are the 5 key features you can expect to find on the smartphones of the future:

  1. Augmented Reality

The idea of augmented reality (AR) is not new; it has already appeared in a huge number of films and some virtual systems.  The logical next step will be to include it in the smartphone.

The principle will be simple; point your phone and activate the camera.  Instantly the picture you see will be overlaid with a range of information.  You will be able to identify people use facial recognition and the vast number of pictures already online.  You will access information concerning local outlets, coffee shops, and bars.

It is even possible that the AR on your smartphone will allow you to see the different potential outcomes of a particular situation; depending upon the action you take!

  1. Voice control

Voice control is already a feature of most smartphones, but only to the point that you can ‘ask Google’ a question.  In fairness, the voice control features currently available are relatively crude; there are many times when what you say is misinterpreted.

This will not be the case in the future.  You will be able to choose not to even touch your phone; you will be able to tell it exactly what you want it to do or know and get a seamless, instant response.

Voice technology currently relies on sound waves but recent breakthroughs are allowing speech to be recognized through diction and the syntax we use.  This is the same way that we recognize speech!

The obvious outcome will be effortless control over everything in your own environment; simply by talking to your phone!

  1. Solar Energy

Battery life is one of the biggest issues facing manufacturers at the moment.  The majority of smartphones will struggle to last 24 hours when being used with a variety of different apps.

There are already steps being taken to enable wireless charging; this could be done with the phone in your pocket in a variety of locations.  You would never have to put up with a flat battery again!

The alternative which is feasible but not yet practical is to power your phone through solar energy.  At the moment this would mean covering the back of it with a photovoltaic panel and making sure you left it in the sun whenever possible.  This is not feasible but the idea that your phone could charge via a solar connection and wireless technology could be combined to provide free charging regardless of what you are doing.

  1. Flexible 3D Screens

The best smartphones are already better than many of the computers available on the market.  As technology improves even more it seems logical that the smartphone will take the place of the computer.

Simple fingertip keyboards and flexible screens will make this not just possible but extremely comfortable to use.

A flexible screen would open out to create a large enough viewing space for you to work at or enjoy a film.  It will even be possible to project a 3D image out of the phone; allowing you to integrate with the subject and explore it from all angles.

3D projectors combined with holographic projectors will create the ultimate viewing pleasure; whether relaxing or working; the applications will touch every part of your life!

  1. Brain Interface

There are already keyboard gloves which can turn your gestures into the written word.  There are also preliminary tests being performed on brain interfaces; allowing you to control your computer and even your smartphone through a Bluetooth signal.

This technology is highly likely to improve and become more popular.  It will not be long before you are able to control your smartphone and many other things in your immediate environment through your mind.

Ultimately the smartphone will not be a physical device; it will simply be a tiny chip connected to a brain interface; allowing you to perform all the current functions of a smartphone and a host of new ones!


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A final thought regarding the future of smartphones; the technologies in this article are already in existence; it is just a matter of time before they are refined enough to become part of the smartphone!

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