5 Reasons Your Business Needs Responsive Web Design

We all know the mobile internet usage has exploded over the past decade and there’s no doubt that it will continue to skyrocket in the future too. Knowing this, the scope of responsive comes as a great way to match up the changing trend. Here in this article, we will understand the 5 main reasons why and how a responsive web design company in LA can help your business.

Responsive Website Design

Significance of Responsive Web Designing

For a brief intro, responsive is the latest and most used type of website designing these days. There are so many advantages as to introducing the responsive approach in your website with the help of web designing services. Let’s know why:

1.) Consistent Rise in Mobile Usage

Undoubtedly, mobile usage has been consistently increasing year by year. Yet shockingly, a wide number of businesses still do not have a mobile website. Here are a few stats that can motivate you to hire a web design company in Los Angeles for responsive designing:

  • Around ⅓rd of Google searches are performed via mobile devices.
  • More than ¼th internet users in the US are mobile users.
  • More than 60 percent of people have the positive opinion of brands when received good mobile user experience.
  • More than ¼th of emails are accessed via mobile device.

2.) People Are More Social On Mobile

This shouldn’t sound strange as mobile visitors make the majority of social media users. From blogging to social activities, these strategies have proved to attract mobile users all over the world and bring more traffic (of course mobile traffic). More than 60 percent of social media interaction and usage takes place on the mobile device.

When you have a mobile-friendly website, you gain the chances to drive wider user base. Contradictory to it, in absence of responsive factor, not only you suffer low conversions and high bounce rate but also a dissatisfied audience. That’s where the scope of web design agency in Los Angeles comes. They can help you achieve the unachievable by making your website responsive and engaging.

3.)  Responsive is More SEO-Friendly

Google loves it when you provide the good experience to your users and users as a fact, love to Google everything on their mobile. There have been claims and reports with regards to Google supporting responsive web design more than mobile templates. When you have a common URL for your online business/brand, it becomes easy for the search engine to crawl and index meanwhile reducing the on-page SEO mistakes.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why responsive websites are usually better in performance, maintenance over a mobile template website. The increasing popularity and need of responsive have resulted in the expansion of web design companies in most parts of the world.

4.) User Experience Matters

The user is your first priority and keeping them satisfied is your duty and objective as well. Even the Google Think Insights states if a user visits your site and doesn’t find it engaging enough or what he/she was looking, there are higher chances that the user will instantly leave and switch to another site.

This is surely something you don’t want to happen to your website. For this, responsive help as a great medium. When the user has a positive experience and sees a good UI, they are likely to buy your product or service.

5.) Futuristic Approach

While the mobile templates and other tactics are outdated, responsive has been in trend and will continue to be even in future as well. In the next decade, even more, people will be using the mobile device to communicate, interact, shop, and everything else. Given so, the scope of responsive will not decline in any way.

Very near in future, you could see responsive websites working well on every device, including those sites used for browsing on TV, watches, etc. (in future).

So these were a few benefits of responsive web designing. You can find reliable web design company in LA for a quality and productive service. All you need is to do some research in your local region.

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