5 Social Media Marketing Trends of 2018

Business small and large, corporations new and old would all agree that social media marketing is by far one of the most effective and trendiest marketing strategies out there. Social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat has been a great medium of communication for the promotion of different products and services.

In social media, multi-way communication among users is already present and being the subject of this communication is the goal, so business owners should learn how to utilize this convenient yet sensitive channel. Here are the trends that have been going on in 2018 observed by online marketing Houston, so business owners are updated with strategies in social media marketing.

Video Content Is Effective Than Other Content Forms

The biggest competition for business content in social media is user attention. Marketing specialists know that different content types are more eye-catching and interactive than others. Video content has been taking social media by storm being the most clicked on content than others. Word images tend to be scrolled through by users, while photos, being eye-catchy, is not interactive enough in promoting some products. Businesses should invest in video production to showcase their products and services on social media.

Facebook Reviews Make Or Break Reputations

Facebook has updated its platform by being a pseudo-search engine on which restaurants to eat, which movies to watch, and which places to visit. Most users rely on Facebook reviews as an overview of the product or service they want to avail. Often, users give reviews after an experience of a product or service. They provide feedback on almost all aspects of products and services, so business should try to aim at getting more facebook reviews to amp up their social media visibility.

Consumers Are Now Better At Spotting Advertising

It must have been from being exposed to too much advertising material that most users can now detect and avoid advertisements on social media. Some options in different social media platforms involve filtering or turning off advertisements from their feed. However, only the advertising content perceived as spammy and mainstream are at risk of being filtered. Users tend to be more attentive with quality and helpful content in advertising like infographics, tutorials, and educational content, so business should invest in creating these kinds of content.

Mobile-Friendly Content Is A Must

Most consumers browse through social media with their smartphones since it’s more convenient for them. Meaning, content that is mobile-friendly is a must for all businesses looking to promote their services. If by any chance, contents are difficult to view on mobile, it tends to be a little hard on the eyes when browsing, and soon enough users won’t be inclined to clicking on that content.

Social Influencers Are The Main Network To Connect With

Many personalities have gained popularity and fame on social media because users find their content engaging and helpful. They have earned a specific population of followers which is a gold mine for businesses. Since these followers often trust these influencers, products or services they rave about might turn into a cult favorite.

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