5 Things Social Media Doesn’t Tell Us but We Should Know in our 20s

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Our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds remain our best friends in the hour of need. They’re constantly hanging out with us. Even when we are with our friends.

Of course, they’re entertaining and they’re awesome at killing the very existence of boredom in our day to day life. They teach us a lot but, they may not be the ultimate source to find the pure essence of learning.

  1. Your house is your first friend

Your house is something, which you can always go back to. It keeps you company through thick and thin. It celebrates with you in your happy times and makes you feel comfortable when you aren’t happy. You could design it the way you want it. A good house is like a best friend. It nurtures you physically and mentally.

Social media feeds constantly win at distracting us from realizing the importance of things that are directly affecting us. A good house is a prime example of this. Your space is the first thing that affects your being. Knowing that a mattress is hurting your back wouldn’t

If you don’t have a good house, you must try living in it for a month or two. You could use online services like NestAway.com to temporarily rent a furnished apartment with just two month’s rent a security deposit. This will have long term effects on your mental and psychological being.

  1. Avoid nurturing the Instant gratification monkey

Social media feeds foster the instant gratification monkey living in your mind. It distracts the task-finisher in your brain and ultimately makes you procrastinate. We are subconsciously attracted to the reactions of our posts.

It doesn’t essentially have to be the amount of like or comments we get on our Facebook posts. Instant gratification monkey also thrives on sources that provide instant information that essentially does not serve a purpose. Like, hey! Do you wonder why you looked up the history of cheese at 2am in your bed? Because it made you more knowledgeable? Sure!

No social media company would want you to know this. They like you to succumb to the addiction of social feeds while they make huge revenue from your reactions.

  1. Social media decreases your attention span and kills your time

What if you are carrying a book just like your mobile phone and you start reading it when you are bored instead of opening your social feed? You’d end up reading more. Not essentially about blue cheese though! We’d say, it requires a deep dive into reading a book. We can’t just read two lines from a book, leave it aside and then get back to it.

If you are a social media addict, firstly, you wouldn’t realize so. Secondly, if you realize you’re hooked to your social feeds, try reading a book or performing a single task on your screen that takes at least one hour to finish. It would be quite a challenge to complete it without checking your notifications.

This is exactly what social media is doing to you. It distracts you from doing important things and kills your time.

  1. Social media can be used for inspiration or business

While social feeds are great entertainers, they allow you to follow your idols and mentors. Like Elon Musk or wish to be know what he’s talking about? Follow him on Twitter. The era of social media allows you to follow and connect with anyone from any corner of the world.


You could use it to create your brand image or a professional portfolio. You could talk to your potential customers online. Got something that could help out other people? A skill or a commodity? Reach out to people on social media. Use it wisely and it will benefit you in the long term.

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