5 Third Party iOS Libraries to Simplify iOS Development

Mobile and web applications are all the rage these days in the field of technology. More and more app development companies are cropping up due to the fact that businesses are now investing in the development of these apps in order to reach a wider audience. This means that while the scope and scale of the apps being developed is increasing, the margin for error may also increase accordingly.

But there are two types of errors as well. There are errors which are commonly made and are in fact, what is wrong with the basic framework of the app and then there are errors which are made specifically by those in charge of development. This may vary according to the number of people involved in the process. But, how do we ensure that maximum productivity is achieved and time is not wasted on petty coding errors etc.?
The answer to this is a third party app library. So many companies are focusing their work on the specific OS and there is no one better than an ios development agency to resonate the importance of a third party ios library to ensure smooth development of apps.

What does a third party library do?

A third party app library essentially decreases the amount of time which one spends on the non-specific errors made in the developmental phase by borrowing from the work of another developer who spent their time developing a solution to this problem.
This allows us the time and space needed to develop a solution to the problems encountered in the development of our own app. The issues may be related to networking, storage or even User Interface.

Five best ios third party libraries

Here is our pick on which should work in case you are an interested iOS app development agency:


5 Third Party iOS Libraries to Simplify iOS Development

The largest community of developers involved in maintaining and contributing to one of the most ideally kept open source project. AFN is for all your networking needs and is an extremely lightweight library run on Grand Central Dispatch.
The founder, Matt Thompson also has an alternative library for you, Alamofire.


5 Third Party iOS Libraries to Simplify iOS Development

Another absolutely essential and highly effective third party library has to be CocoaPods. The library itself makes it easier for the developer to not only increase the number of libraries but also keep constant track of the version of each library which they are using.
Helps you upgrade to the latest version of each library you use.



This is more of a programming library for an Objective-C framework. It provides methods to compose and change streams of values as well as ensure that the developer has an effective way to deal with asynchronous behavior.

Magical Records is an app which almost all ios app developers users make use of for data management. This is a very powerful third party library when it comes to querying user data but falls short when it comes to effective time management.

Urban Airship-

Urban Airship-

Almost all smart phones these days exhibit a feature called a push notification. It might not be an option for individual developers since they are no longer free but it could prove to a good solution for a larger company.
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