5 Tips To Play Madden NFL Game Efficiently

Madden NFL is an American Football video game that is named after Pro Football Hall of Famer John Madden. It is developed by EA Tiburon for EA Sports. Here is the list of 5 tips to play Madden NFL game efficiently.

Madden NFL

1. Proper Time Management

The primary factor in winning the Madden game is the way how a player tries to manage the time with the team effectively. The game is divided into four quarters that are separated with small breaks. There are three timeouts available for each half of the game for every team in the match. If the opponent team is schooling the player, then there is no need of clock management. The clock revolves heavily around in every NFL game and acts an active key to win the game.

There are two ways in which the clock management helps the team though it is more solid in defence or not. They can pass the ball with their team thereby triggering the pressure to the opponent team. And thus tricking down the time.

There is also another way in which if the opposing team is trying to win the game. The best thing to do is to gain a good field position first instead of running the ball. In this way, the time can be trickled down so that there is an opportunity to win the game. Thus, even the team with a strong leader can lose the game if they do not utilize the time at the critical point in the match.

2. Roster In Madden NFL

The player can rearrange the list as per the needs by pressing Start button and navigate to the “Depth Chart.” This feature helps the player to manage every position. And move the players to the starting point and bench others. Mostly, the player roster changes in every year which will make some plays to be benched while others to be in the main squad.

The rearrangement of the list helps the player in making his favourite person to the starting point though he is benched out. If the game is played in online, then the game run a few plays without the star players. And the game benches the players based on the real world list. This component of rearranging the roster can also make the favourite player, who is injured to move to the starting point with an easy manual fixing. Players can always use Online Madden NFL hack to get free NFL resources.

3. Passing Options

There are different passing options for the player through which paves the way for winning the game. Mostly, if the target is open, then the player would just press the button that is assigned to the player and score points. Another way of facing such a situation is to use different passes with throws like high pass and low. But it is necessary for the player to look the surrounding environment before moving the ball.

To opt a high pass, the receiver should be booking it down the field, and there should be another person to cover him so that the receiver can get under the ball. Cheap passes are at greater risk but it helps in clearing the ball in the congested area. And this, in turn, makes the defender prevent the ball rarely. Thus instead of using a bullet pass, these high and low passes can help the player to play the game actively.

4. Proficiency

Everything in the game is decisive based on the position of the game. When a player takes a particular move at the end of the quarter. It can contribute in two ways that are extremely opposite. One, it may help the team to win the game and the other; sometimes it may pave a way to a huge risk at a critical time. It is essential for a player to have knowledge. Not only about the team and the opponents but also about the field, time and perfect shots.

The fundamental thing about football is to throw away the ball rather than to have a risky turnover. In the turnover, the player tries to force the receiver to hold the ball. Due to this, there is a chance of missing the ball. Players combine the field and wait for an open receiver in case of a drop – back or roll out for a pass. At the earlier time, if the player is in the red zone. Then it is preferred to go for it for the score.

5. Hurry Up Offence

One of the main strategies that help to play the Madden NFL game effectively is “Hurry up offence.” If the player has completed a pass, then it is essential for the player to use this strategy to win the game. The player can hold the triangle button in the controller if he runs a play successfully.

If the player tries to influence the current defence on the field and also if the team is approaching towards scoring. Then it applies to use this strategy. It is preferred to use this when the player has the defence back into a corner. This also paves some disadvantages such that at sometimes constant force on them can make the team players feel exhausted, so it is necessary for the player to use this strategy at the right time.

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