5 Ways You Benefit with Managed Dedicated Servers

Managed dedicated servers are a cost-effective solution for every type of business. The technical tasks can become a problematic and cumbersome affair with high requirements of resources as well as expertise. You could utilize your resources for core business applications to serve your customers in a better way. There are still more reasons why you must consider the third-party services rather than manage the servers on your own.

However, before digging deeper into the benefits, it will be much easier if you know more about dedicated servers and how they can assure of better business performance.

What is a dedicated server and how it works?

Dedicated servers are machines that are used by one single entity. You can use it in many ways like hosting websites, using it as gaming servers, use as email servers, set up VoIP and much more. Because of its huge resources, you can easily manage bulk traffic. This type of machine requires high technical skills and you can enjoy superior performance services if you leave the technical aspects to the professionals.

Secure environment:

The providers of managed dedicated servers have quality data centers that are resilient in every manner, complying with all policies and regulations to ensure your data is in a highly secured environment. The data center is guarded by well-trained security officers and only people with a valid biometric pass can access the servers. Highly qualified technical employees monitor the servers constantly to make sure there is no hitch that could create a hindrance and interrupt the server performance. You can have an assured uptime of near to 100%.

Up-to-date with the latest technologies:

In managed dedicated servers all the server setup, configurations, operating system upgrades, software license purchases, software updates, firewalls, antimalware installations, antivirus scans and every other task related to the computer is done by your host. You will be abreast with the latest technologies and be a step ahead of your competitors.


In case your business is not related to IT, the managed dedicated servers will work fine for you. With a fixed monthly plan, you can get the technical aspects handled and you can peacefully focus on your core business interests. Else you must employ full-time technically qualified engineers. This will cost you huge amounts of money on their salaries, perks, training etc. The problem will again erupt when they resign and go leaving you to start the exercise all over again.

Control is yours:

Although the server is managed by the host, you will still have control to install any software you need for your business, choose the hardware you prefer, and use the server in any manner.

Dedicated support:

The host will make sure that an experienced team of qualified staff is available around the clock to answer any queries you may have or face issue with the server. In managed dedicated servers the providers will make monitor your resource requirements and keep an eye on the bandwidth, space, memory consumption. They will recommend an upgrade so that there are no issues of traffic spikes. They are available working on your website in case your business premises face issues like outages or some disaster.

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