5 Ways to Download Torrents Anonymously

The world is a changing place. New cyber laws are being thrown at consumers at a constant rate. With authorities monitoring torrents in a suspicious way, the torrent users are not safe anymore. We are all at risk.

The best way to avoid any confrontation is to hide your identity while torrenting. We have made a list of five effective ways you can become anonymous online.

Some of these methods and services are free while the others are not. There is a catch on free services. Some of their features are locked and they are filled with ads.

However all of these methods are incredibly effective.


VPN is a go to tool if you are looking for internet privacy. Virtual Private Network or VPN encrypts all the incoming and outgoing data on your computer and hides you behind a fake identity. Your computer is connected to a server placed in a different country and that country’s IP address is assigned to you. Hence making your IP untraceable that means your location cannot be traced.

VPN is pretty much a fool proof way of ensuring security. Therefore if you choose VPNs specifically designed for torrents, you will be completely safe.There are various free and paid VPNs. Needless to say paid ones are better and offer more.


BTGuard is specialized proxy service that hides IP address of a user. It is different from VPN as it is doesn’t encrypt incoming and outgoing data. BTGuard works on all platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

BTGuard is perhaps the most optimized service for torrent users. It is specifically designed to help torrent users. BTGuard works will all clients and uses the Socks V5 proxy technique.

BtGuard will cost you $6.95 to install for lifetime. This is literally as good as free.


TorrentPrivacy like the name suggests is another service that targets torrent users. The biggest plus of TorrentPrivacy is that it comes with highly customizable features and has specialized settings of different torrent clients. This optimizes torrent speeds.

There is a catch, TorrentPrivacy only works on Windows. Other than this drawback TorrentPrivacy is a very good tool. It doesn’t meddle with the rest of your internet, only the torrents.


Anomos is an encoded P2P file distribution software. It has a torrent side to it, it provides you with its own torrent service called Atorrent. Atorrent has mixed views and some consider it to be slower than regular torrents while others recommend it highly.

Anomos is not only secure but also ad and spam free. If you are alright with using Atorrent, Anomos is probably the best solution for you.


SeedBox is a unique tool. It is a dedicated server with great speeds where you can transfer torrent data. This is how it works; you do not download the torrent files on your computer. You merely “select” the download and it gets downloaded on the Seedbox’s secure servers. From there you can download your files at great bandwidth speeds.

Usenet is another similar option.

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Nuur Hasan is a software developer and a political activist, he intends to dedicate his life to the becoming the voice of the voiceless.

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