6 Corporate Gifts Even College Students Can Flaunt

University life is honestly the best phase of someone’s life. While there are stressful phases, the university shapes a human being into the person he/she becomes later in life. So if you’re in a university and avidly preparing for life after college, it is wise that you learn the ropes earlier.

On that note, to make university life easy and appealing, you should own a few corporate products, which will help you prepare for the commercial world henceforth.

So, check out these regular corporate products that a university student too can use effectively!

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  1. A Notebook Journal 

Aesthetics play quite a role in setting the mood for studies, and if you’re a student pursuing law or literature, you wouldn’t agree more.

So, having a leather journal is a good option if you’re required to take important notes in class. What’s more? If you keep these notes organized and in sequence, you can study from these and top your class. Additionally, as a student, it is important one retrospect for self-growth.

This is why having a journal is necessary. You can note down daily events, your thoughts and reactions to things; via noting down these thoughts, you will be able to see changes in you and measure your personal growth.

  1. Leather Photo Album

Making memories in college is something every individual seeks to live for. So, one must own a personalized leather photo albumUsing this album one can cherish images clicked during class tours, outing with friends, or friendly homeroom moments.

These can later be printed and framed in your selected album. Further, you can store images from graduation ceremonies, special events and more. Later, when you reminisce with fondness you can check out these images and relive your happy college moments.

  1. A Camera Strap

Now, this might seem out of the ordinary, but many college students take up photography as a passion/past time in college. So, naturally, if you’re someone who is a shutterbug with a knack for photography you are bound to carry your camera everywhere.

However, safely carrying it in the hand can be taxing! This is why having a camera strap is a blessing. A leather camera strap moreover is flexible, durable and also stylish. So, having one will not only look fashionable but, it’ll also prevent the weight of the camera from damaging your shoulder.

  1. A Watch Case Holder 

You might have seen your father possess one of these watch cases for his special corporate watches. Now, if you too have a knack for classy watches, you should get a watch case holder too.


Well, student life is full of travelling, fun, parties, studies and what not! So, naturally in all the rush, you might neglect your good looking watches and they run out before their time. To avoid this, it is best to pick a classy leather watch case holder.

This leather case will add an air of panache to your attire and make you look prim and sophisticated. What’s more? If you pick a leather watch case which is 1.3-1.5 mm thick, it can prevent any chance of mechanical damage to your prized watches.

  1. Leather Backpack

Backpacks are customary for students. From carrying notebooks, journals, laptops and other necessities, almost every student carries a backpack.

Thus, you should pick a classy leather backpack for everyday use. Additionally, a leather bag pack comes in various types and can store a multitude of things owing to several pockets.

On this note, from any corporate gift store, you can pick up backpacks like

  • Contemporary styled bags
  • Rucksack backpack
  • Laptop bags
  • Canvas bags
  • Vintage backpacks
  1. Portfolios

A college student preparing for the commercial life, it is vital that you own a classic monogrammed leather portfolioThis portfolio represents your personality and lays bare your talents.

So, ensure to decorate it well, and list your best qualifications in sequence. Your portfolio needs to narrate a story on you that make interviewers feel that you will bring profit to their company. Once your portfolio matches how good it looks, you can land a job in a good company.

Additionally, creative artists can list their best works in the form of a catalogue in the portfolio. This will impress clients considerably too.

On this note, now that you’re aware of the 6 corporate essentials for college students ensure to invest in these today. You can practice the quirks of corporate life from early to blend in easy later on. Good luck!

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