6 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

When you first start out as a blogger, your site performance and similar factors may not be that much of a big deal to you. Writing the blogs and establishing yourself as a blogger will likely be the much larger concern.

With that in mind, here are some of the best plugins which you can use to help improve the quality of your WordPress blog.

1 – Caching Plugins

Without caching your site becomes a pain to use – especially if you want to have repeat visitors to the site – as without caching your users will be stuck downloading the site over and over again on each individual visit. A good plugin can take care of the page and object caching, meaning your visitors won’t have re-download the site when on a repeat visit to the site.

Good examples of a free cache plugin for WordPress includes W3 Total Cache, while you can also get a premium plugin such as WP Rocket for even better performance. It simply depends on your long-term budget for website performance.

2 – MailChimp

If you plan on starting an email campaign alongside your blog, then MailChimp or a similar email management software is a must. And in the modern world it is extremely easy to fluidly work this alongside your website using – yes, you guessed it – a plugin!

The integration of MailChimp into your site via a plugin means that you will be able to create a beautiful sign-up form. Which, therefore, should prompt more signups and a bigger subscriber base overall for your email marketing. If you run a content-focussed blogs, then a good email list can be essential to help bring people back to your site time and again – it can even by your path to monetizing your blog!

3 – Yoast

SEO is a big driver of traffic, it’s an unavoidable fact. Therefore, you may want to consider a number of plugins which can help to improve the overall SEO of your site and improve traffic levels over a long period of time.

This is where Yoast (and similar products) can be an invaluable plugin to have on your website. It allows you to customise and add a meta title and description for every page of your site. This dictates what appears on Google when your site appears in searches. Good optimisation of this portion of your site can also ensure it shows up in Google in the first place, thanks to keywords.

4 – Smush

Images are a big drain on your site – the more images you have, the more at risk the speed of your site is at. At some point, you may begin to notice a massive drop in quality thanks to too many unoptimised images clogging up your website speed. Smush is a great plugin to try and combat this issue. This plugin compresses and optimises an image without actually compromising the actual quality of the image. This saves a lot of space on your site – ensuring fast performance for a long period of time.

5 – WooCommerce

If you develop your website enough in order to want to sell a product, then there’s a plugin for that! WooCommerce is a great and easy way to add an online store to your WordPress site without having to change over the site to Shopify or any other more e-commerce platforms. Especially if you want to continue your blog and not separate the two.

So, to transform your WordPress site into a much more easy to use e-commerce platform, you will find that WooCommerce is a must. You can also find a lot of good shipping options through the plugin; including free shipping, flat rates or even more localised shipping options. Payment options can also be customised based on the user who can pay on credit cards, PayPal, check, cash and other options.

6 – Custom Plugins

Of course, there may not be quite the right plugin for your site already on the market. Which may mean you need to invest in a custom build to best suit your particular blogging needs. This can depend on the resources or money you have to invest in the project, but even a small budget could produce the right plugin to suit your needs.

Checking things such as technical due diligence will be one of the important steps along the way to ensuring this occurs effectively over a suitable period of time. As otherwise you may purchase or develop something which is subpar. The whole process will take longer than a regular plugin download (which takes seconds) – but, it may suit your needs much better.

And there you have it! Some of the best plugins which you can use to enhance your WordPress experience and utilise for your blogging endeavors.

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