7 Countries that Said ‘Adios’ to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy

Global warming is not necessarily a hot button topic for many people. They don’t find it as sexy or as appealing as other social issues. As a result, we don’t see major movements towards protecting the environment.

When Trump signed an executive order banning Muslim immigrants from entering the US, there were protests all over the place. When he did the same in rescinding Obama’s executive orders protecting the environment, there was no massive protest that took place.

Our complacence when it comes to issues surrounding the environment could be our downfall. There are small countries that did not let this happen. They have seen the devastating effects of global warming and knocked on their government to remove fossil fuels from their system.

Now, these countries have completely relied on renewable energy. They did so collectively as a nation. They understand the potentials of alternative energy. They also understand that they will be first in line when nature strikes back.

This only means that just because you are not affected by global warming, you must not do anything anymore. You will still be a victim if you allow these oil companies to continue polluting the environment. We must all take a stand against them.

The infographic below shows the list of countries that have succeeded in eliminating fossil fuels and have use renewable energy sources. Yes, these are small countries, but everything starts from there. If they can make the necessary changes, bigger countries can move in that direction too.

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