7 Things You Should Do Immediately After Registering Your Domain

After registering your domain name, your business is technically set. You can now create a website, launch it and advertise your products. You just need a domain name to officially advertise your business. Hosting sites are possible, but it feels different to have a domain name registered under you. It is like finally having your own business establishment after years of just renting out.

You have to make the most out of this opportunity. Start by going through all the details. You need to have an official phone number for people to call when they have inquiries. You should also have an email address generated from the official website. The address must be the same with the domain name for easy recall.

You should also start opening accounts in various social media sites following exactly the domain name so that people can easily search for it.

Once your contact information is ready, you can have business cards printed. If you meet with potential investors or clients in the future, they can just visit your website or call you through the information printed on the cards.

The main website should be perfect. It is what people will see the moment they type your company name. Don’t publish the site unless you are fully prepared. People should get the exact information they need after going through the site.

Check the infographic below for more information about what needs to be done once the domain name is registered. It is still a long process, so you have to be patient.

7 Things You Should Do Immediately After Registering Your Domain

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