7 Tips On How To Boost Conversions By Choosing The Right Colors For Your Website

When it comes to improving your digital marketing efforts, the greatest majority of guides focus on the traffic exclusively. While it is always better to have more people looking for your goods, you have no way of telling how many of them are actually going to buy something. This is why the conversion rate always needs to come before traffic on your list of priorities.

According to a recent statistic, while the average conversion rate on the internet is at about 2.35 percent, the top 10 percent of websites sometimes reach a staggering figure of 11.45 percent, which is about five times more. So, the big question is- what do these top-of-the-list websites do better than their average counterparts? Well, everything actually.

Some subtle things like the position of the call-to-action button, the length of a homepage video and even whether or not there is a soundtrack included to a website can make a huge difference in conversion rate. Now, one of the things that have the strongest influence over your visitors is the choice of the right color. Here are few ways how, as well as few tips which may help you boost your profit, through increasing your conversion rate.

  1. Colors evoke emotion

First things first, the decision to buy something is a decision that is as emotional as it is rational. Otherwise, people would always buy a $0,01 cheaper product and buy on random when the prices and delivery terms are equal. Choosing the right color and font on your website possess the ability to make your website seem more enticing. In fact, simply switching from a red call-to-action button to a green one can increase their click-through-rate by a staggering 21 percent. We are talking about one fifth of all your conversion that depends on something as simple as the choice of the right hue. This alone goes to prove just how powerful marketing weapon can psychology of colors be in the right hands.

  1. Help with making a brand

Another thing you need to realize is that the right color can be a determining factor in your efforts to make a brand. A lot of people make a mistake of believing that a company logo is more important in this regard, but this isn’t necessarily so. For example, a few years back Coca Cola decided to remove labels from their cans in order to spread the message of equality under the slogan: “Labels are for cans, not humans.” However, seeing how they didn’t change the color of the given cans (red with a recognizable white curved stripe), everyone could still tell that it’s Coca Cola.

credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ilri/24876118872

credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ilri/24876118872

  1. Associating with a popular product

Unfortunately, the aforementioned branding story has a downside as well. One of the most popular black-hat marketing tricks involves placing an underdog product on display next to a popular niche product. This particular product tries to visually emulate its more profitable counterpart and a lot of people actually make a mistake of buying it on accident. You see, people often can’t be bothered with looking for a logo or reading the name of the product; all they do is look at the logo and the design. Although, this is not something you should practice on an actual retail, choosing a color that is popular in your industry can make your new product seem more enticing through the sheer power of association.

  1. Choose a color and stick to it

One of the ways in which you can take this branding idea one step further is by making your color of choice into a flagship for all your marketing efforts. Experts from GWM SEO Sydney state that your company’s banner, logo and products should be this color, same goes for your promotional products and website. When it comes to the last part you don’t have to do it on your own, seeing how there are high-quality affordable web design options out there for you to consider.

  1. Go with contrast

The choice of color alone is not all that matters since it is highly unlikely you will go monochromatic in your design. This is why you need to start thinking about finding a way to use the contrast to your benefit. While this is something where you can go optional, it is industry standard to choose a very light color for the background and then turn to a dark nuance for the font itself. This alone will increase readability by quite a bit.

credit: https://torange.biz/39924.html

credit: https://torange.biz/39924.html

  1. Management of Whitespace

The whitespace in question doesn’t necessarily have to be white, you see it is only a term that refers to the unused space on your website. Even though this statement digs a bit deeper into some philosophical issues, most web designers agree that an absence of an element is the element on its own. The way in which you manage to organize it can make your overall layout more pleasing to the eye and help your readers focus on the most important elements on the site. This alone is the reason why so many people favor a minimalistic approach to web design.

  1. Vibrancy

Finally, earlier on we discussed the advantage of green over red when it comes to the call-to-action button, but such a clear division is impossible in most other aspects of website design. You see, the vibrancy of color sets the mood for the reader, which is why it needs to fit the source material accordingly. For example, colors green, blue and purple are relaxing and tranquil, which would make them a horrible choice for a blog that uploads short horror stories. Here, everything depends on the context, which means that in order to utilize the power of colors, you must first know your industry and your audience.

credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Involute_of_a_circle.png

credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Involute_of_a_circle.png

In Conclusion

As you see, by learning just these few simple tricks regarding the choice of color on your website, you can give your number of conversions a significant boost. Remember the math from the beginning, five times more conversions mean at least five times more profit (if you don’t count in potential repeat customers you will gain this way). This idea alone is more than enough to give the idea of boosting your conversions by choosing the right colors for your website a serious thought.

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