7 Tips to Find a Project Management App

7 Tips to Find a Project Management App

There is a myriad of project management apps available in the market. Some claim to have all the features that are required for successful management of projects. A simple search on the internet will give you a list of various free and paid apps.

These apps have different functionalities that make them useful in various aspects of project management, for example, time tracking, but might lack in other areas which are important for your business. So how do you finalize on a particular app?


#1. Find Out the Challenges That You Want the App to Overcome

Even before you start looking out for an app, you have to first take some time to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish.

A simple discussion on your workflows and processes will help identify the bottlenecks that you and your team may be facing leading to decreased productivity.

#2. Make a List of Apps You Might Be Using Already

If you already use some apps on a day to day basis for your business, list them down to see what purpose they serve. Here’s when you identify the challenges you might be facing with these apps. For instance, you might use WhatsApp for business purposes, but you find that replies aren’t instantaneous because most of your employees are distracted with personal messages – loss of productivity and potential security issues.

#3. Decide On What Features You Are Looking For In the App

Now that you’ve zeroed in on your bottlenecks and the issues that you are facing with your existing apps, it’s time to think of the features that you may want to have in your project management app.

#4. Bring the Team Together

Different projects would require the skill sets of different team members which may or may not be the same on every project. The app should be able to channelize discussions as per projects with 1-1 chat capabilities as well.

#5. Easy To Find Information

The app must be well organized so that you can easily find anything that’s related to your project – messages, files, and links, no matter who shared it and when.

#6. Audio and Video Calls

You would want audio & video calling capabilities so that you can collaborate with remote teams. Screen sharing would definitely be a bonus!

#7. Research on the Internet

Once you have a clear idea of what you want from the app, start researching to find an app that meets your requirements in the best possible manner.

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