8 tools to create Incredible content for your blog

8 tools to create Incredible content for your blog

Whether you’re a blogger, writer, or online marketer, you’ve probably had trouble finishing an article. The success of content marketing and the high demand for information of value by users have led to the need to systematize the content writing process and increase its efficiency.

The list of tools we present below will help you change your writing habits and create content for your blog based on the tastes of your audience. Do you want to try?

8 tools to create Incredible content for your blog


  1. Atomic Writer

This tool helps you adapt the contents of your blog to your target audience. Connect with Google Analytics and your social networks and analyze your content to tell you where and how you can improve them based on participation data.

  1. Draft

The draft is a collaborative writing tool that makes you focus only on writing by having a simple user interface. You will not find options to insert images or change the fonts, and once you have in post ready, you can invite someone to and suggest your edits, but it is you who decides to accept them or not.

New ideas

  1. 750 Words

It is a tool to create content and write daily on any topic. Raise the challenge of building a 750-word story, measuring the time it takes to reach the goal and rating the quality of the article.

  1. Content ideate

Just enter a keyword and you will get a list of other articles titles that will help you to inspire you and create new content for your blog. (Only in English).

No distractions

  1. Zen Pen

It is a text editor with a clean and minimalist style. It blocks visual distractions and includes features to stylize text and add links.

  1. Calmly Writer

When you start typing in Calmly Writer, all distraction options disappear. It focuses on highlighting only the paragraph that is being written at that time. Like many other tools, it has a nice responsive design and allows you to store your articles in the cloud.


  1. Poetical

It is a tool exclusively for Word Press, which allows the co-creation of content, as well as editing and online collaboration. You can see how your teammates edit the articles in real time.

  1. Help me write

If you are not able to decide what you want to write, let me write that decision for you. Just add your ideas, share them and ask your friends what they would like to read. By knowing what your audience wants, even before you start typing, you make sure you have fixed readers as soon as you post the post.

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