9 Cs of Computer Care: How to make your Computer or laptop lasts longer

Like the other things it is also very important to take good care of your computer as well. It needs some attention so it doesn’t leave you in the stagger. With some basic computer care, you can extend the life of your computer by years and enjoy more efficient performance, too. Just remember keep doing these 9 Cs of computer care:

  1. Keep it CURRENT (UP-TO-DATE). Keep your operating systems, apps and anti-virus all up to date. Set your computer to auto-update settings so that you don’t even have to worry about it.

  1. Keep it CLEAN (OUTSIDE). Get your computer away from dust, dirt, hair, food or coffee. None of these are helpful in fact they can harm your computer badly, especially when they prevent the fan from doing its job.

  1. Keep it CLEAN (INSIDE). Defragment your Windows (7 or 8) hard drive regularly to keep your computer running smoothly, if not possible on daily basis then monthly is also good. Timely delete any unwanted files, folders and uninstall apps that you are not using.

  1. Keep it COOL. Don’t let your buddy burn up! Your computer may not like sunlight or anything that is blocking its vents. Overheating reduces the life spans of your computer’s component. A cool computer is a long-lasting one.
  1. Keep it CONSISTENT.  When you are in the middle of doing something you will never like to be picked up and moved. Neither does your computer. Always put them on sleep or switched-off before transporting them to any other place.
  1. Keep it COVERED. Always Transport it in a padded case. Don’t drop it or set things on top of it even if you have a “tough” laptop. Never carry your open laptop by its screen as its hinges are not meant to take so much of weight.
  1. Keep the CORD in good shape. Always remember to bring computer’s cord only. Don’t try to roll them up and shove it in your pockets as the joints or connectors can be easily damaged.
  1. Keep it ON CONTINUOUSLY when you are using it. Don’t keep turning your computer on and off each time you turn your computer ON; you stress it a little bit. To reduce wear and tear on your hardware, leave it on all day if you are using it throughout the day. Once you’re done with it then switched it off and keep it some cooler place.
  1. Keep CORRECTING problems. If your computer behaving weirdly or something odd you find out. Don’t wait for worse talk to Computer repair fort Lauderdale and get it repaired.

Hardly required anytime to stick to these 9 Cs they are just in good habits that can pay off with a computer that lasts years longer. For more help related to computer support and repair contact Computer repair Fort Lauderdale.

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