How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling feature for Android and Other

How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling feature for Android and Other.

Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling feature
As you know Whatsapp finally launched its most awaited feature “whatsapp calling” to all android users. In the news
for all android users they are saying but i have blackberry z10 in this its enabled.

Whatsapp is the most popular app in the world with over 700 million monthly active users. whatsapp recently
Introduced whatsapp calling feature and initially it was only available for some users. Now its available for All android users.

If you are not android users might be you need to wait for this awesome feature, weather it is available for some of non android users also.
but if you are a Android user and you don’t have this awesome feature enabled, so follow these steps and get into it.

NOTE: if after these step your WhatsApp Voice Calling feature is not working than might be you need to wait its possible WhatsApp has paused or disabled it for a while.
So if you are ready to activate this feature, if yes than remember the thing it is not easy as downloading and setting up WhatsApp, it is somewhat tricky, so be careful and follow these step for installing WhatsApp Voice Calling feature in android and other phones like Windows, Blackberry etc.

1# Download the latest version of WhatsApp for your mobile platform click here for downloading. at the time of writing latest version is 2.12.14, but if you are downloading from Google play means make sure your device at least has version 2.11.561. In older version this feature will not work or support.

For other Smartphones like blackberry have to go for Blackberry World or for windows Smartphone Windows Store.

2# Once you downloaded the latest version of WhatsAppInstalled on your device. You need to ask anyone who have the WhatsApp Voice Calling feature enabled already to make a WhatsApp call to your number. (if its not available in your phone only it will show to update your WhatsApp version and after update you will get calls)

3# many times giving only missed call will not work sometime so you need to receive and wait for few second.

4# When whatsapp voice calling feature is enabled in your device it will show three tab in your mobile like below snapshot.

Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling feature

If you like and want to have whatsapp voice calling feature in your friends phone also share it with friends.

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