Adblock Plus releases browser for Android and iOS

Adblock Plus releases browser for Android and iOS

Many people are using Adblock Plus for PC now a days. Now Adblock plus has released its own browser for Android and IOS devices on App store and Google Play.

Adblock Plus releases browser for Android and iOS
Adblock plus works just like other mobile browsers with the ad blocking feature its inbuild in it of course. On the top of that the browser’s maker said it can also block malware and can help users lesser battery and mobile data as well.
This week Adblock plus Browser updated to version 1.0.0 remember Last may they released its beta version of Adblock plus browser fir Android and IOS. Before browser they have stand-alone app or extension for the browser.
While Adblock features have been already available on android or Ios, Both mobile operating systems will consider it as a third party apps so you need to allow yourself to install it under the default setting.

According to Official blog of adblock plus
“Adblock Browser for Android, our first foray into a more complete mobile ad blocking solution and a great browser to boot. Adblock Browser for Android will block annoying ads automatically, which can save you battery power, keep you safe from threats and give you control of your browsing on the go” said Ben Williams

Here are some awesome features of adblock plus browser:
Automatic adblocking: According to adblock this is the first browser to provide ad blocking as an integrated feature.
First, efficient browsing: survey says Ads on website cause slower and can consume 23 percent of battery, its massive isn’t it?
Loading ads even costs data, so blocking ads will save your data plan, oh good news you saved your data plan 😉
Safer browsing- malware is often hide themselves behind ads even on trusted networks, blocking these annoying and dangerous ads reduces risk of infection.

You have total control- in browser annoying ads are always blocked by default but user can allow ads also. You can change setting anytime by simply tapping Menu icon > setting > Adblocking > Adblocking > acceptable ads.
Now you can get beta version as well that too free of cost click here to download adblock plus broser for android of IOS.

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