Advanced Features to Protect the Phone from Virus Attacks

Protect the Phone from Virus Attacks

Almost, there are number of smart phone device come out with the advance features with the interconnection option. Now there is wide usage of the internet though the mobile but some of the website is has malicious code which affects the phone device completely. Here the number of the application for free to the android mobile and other smart phone to protect against the virus and other malicious codes.

Application features:

Protection: this Antivirus security application scans the various downloaded application and other files and it must be remover the malicious from the application. It can capability to scan the website to identify the harmful threats and avoid the suspicious URL will be deleted then it has safe web surfing which is possible for the android browser alone.  The Snapdeal promo codes are really worthier and cut down the shopping cost.  Therefore it will be more comfortable for the online shopper.

 Anti Theft and Phone location:

This application can locate the last phone which helps to find the mobile through the Google Maps. There is option to lock the phone and set the lock screen password for the personal usage. This application can make the phone ring when the mobile is in the silent mode and it has ability to wipe the SD card as well as the mobile. It has option, if someone looking to replace the Sims Card then the device will be getting lock and not uses the device.


This application kill task and other process which slow the performance of the devices.  It can monitor the battery level and option to set the level of notification and access the powers saving mode to use mobile for a long time. It monitors the usage of both 3G and 4G mobile data. Then it show that your close the monthly data plan limit.

Therefore check out the to find the latest coupons for access the major things over online. Optimize the memory for the phone storage by uninstalling apps and game. This application can give notification while browsing the malicious site and download the application. It keeps the battery level as good and takes very less power for the display. This avoids the harmful viruses, spyware and malware and much more so it will be more comfortable to use and protect the device from the major application. This application can be downloading without providing the personal information for user direct to the mobile to use.


The App lock after 30 day trailer period which protect the lock the device and other setting in the mobile. It has option to block the call and message blocker but it is unavailable for the android v 4.4 devices. Then wipe contact, message, photo, and browser. Then it has option to re store the data factors and device factor setting in easy manner. It identifies against the malicious apps the viruses, malware and identifies the unsecure mobile setting and allows checking the medial file for the malicious software and other security threats. This can protect the device from the unwanted code and other software. Even this application can able to make device faster by clearing the unwanted files from the device and increase the performance level.

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