The advantages and disadvantages of lecture capture

Thanks to technology, recording lectures has become one of the most important elements of higher education. We see many institutions embracing this technology to cater to all types of students. Lecture capture consists of a recording device which captures the entire class session so that it can be used for review and revision. It is a very modern method and used by many famous schools and colleges to benefit the students. While the advantages of capturing a lecture are many, we may also face several technical challenges.



  • The lecture captures enhance the learning experience for students. They can go back and learn something from the beginning if they cannot grasp it for the first time.
  • As there is a provision to watch the captured lecture from anywhere at any time, the learners will have more control on their learning process.
  • The lecture captures are a brilliant idea for students in distance learning programs.
  • It is also helpful for part-time students who cannot make it to some of the classes as they are busy working.
  • Lecture capture is also helpful for the international students who do not reside at the place of the classroom.
  • Totally, lecture captures are a good idea for students who are physically not present in the class room.
  • If the students have any doubts during revision, they can always go back and access the content that they want.
  • If a student is ill and cannot attend the classes, he can still gain access to what all went on in the classroom.
  • The students and the professors feel that video capture of lectures adds value to the course that they are studying.
  • Also, because they have access to the lecture, the students will not keep themselves busy scribbling notes. They will instead interact with the class and the teachers.
  • The lecturers can watch these videos and assess their teaching style and ability. If at all any changes are necessary they can make them.
  • As the lecture videos are visual, they will be much more effective on the students who could not attend classes than the notes or verbal teaching from fellow classmates. The visual effect is long lasting and interesting to watch than reading a set of borrowed notes.


  • There is still some scepticism regarding the lecture capture in some institutions.
  • Some feel that the students may entirely depend on the captures and concentrate on the studies.
  • Some students might even skip classes as they know they can gain all the lessons through videos.
  • There is a fear of always being recorded, so the lecturers may end up being very cautious and may not give their hundred percent to the teaching.

As we see, there are more advantages ofrecording lectures than the disadvantages. Thus, it can be concluded if used effectively in a right way, lecture capture systems are indeed a boon to the education system.Both the institution and the students can gain a lot from the lecture captures done effectively. Just make sure you get a good recording device for quality recording.

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