Amazing Websites to Try When Bored

If you’re like me you and like to spend a lot of time on the Internet; I’ve discovered some useful and cool websites and these are 16 cool websites that I think you need to know about so you can share with your friends.

The first category is hugely important in life, and that’s to learn. Always be learning. These are some of the best websites for learning.


Wolfram Alpha
If you’ve never heard of this, it used to be more of just a mathematics site to learn about formulas in and see how formulas are worked out. But now it’s more of a computational knowledge engine (that’s what it calls itself) so you can learn about almost anything here. Just spend some time on WolframAlpha and just search the search bar for anything that interests you and you’ll find out more about it. It’s like Wikipedia on steroids.

Second learning site is:- Khan Academy is basically where you can learn anything for free and take all kinds of online courses. This is excellent for people who maybe want to reiterate some of their classes that are currently taking, or individuals who are out of college or out of school who need a refresher on some of the courses that they took. Or just people who are in general interested in any courses that maybe they missed out on one school or didn’t have a chance to learn about previously. It’s a great resource for learning, and the best thing about it is that it’s free available to anyone at any time at no cost.

And the last learning website is:-
A cool website like this gives you random educational videos and also exciting videos. If you don’t want to watch the video that it suggests, you just click on this link right here I want to watch something else and it just randomly gives you another educational or entertaining video. And it’s cool instead of you know wasting your time watching TV that you don’t care about, you learn something or at least be inspired somehow through these videos.

The second category is time travel and yes you can travel time on the internet using two websites.

You can travel back in time using the Wayback machine.
Here you can search almost any website. You can look at the website the way it was 10 15 20 years ago because it saves snapshots of virtually any website that’s indexed. Well, I like looking back at Apple website, so if you search, you can choose the year that you want to view what look like in the past years. Let’s do the year 2000. It brings up a calendar of the year 2000, and you can click on these blue dots, those are snapshots of the website so let’s look at in May 2000, and this is what look like on May 2000 (sixteen years ago), and it’s just funny. You can click on some of these links and then it’ll still work.
So that’s way back machine. It’s fun to go back and look at all the different sites what they look like years ago.

Now if you want to travel in the future go to
This is a fascinating website that combines a bunch of theories and predictions for what the world is going to be like in the future, you know five years ten years 20 centuries from now. And then if you click on the timeline you can click on the time that you want to see. You can see predictions in the future and also look at stuff that’s happened in the past. So if we want to see what’s going to happen 2042 2049 which is 35 years from now, you can look at the different predictions. And these are all like really in-depth forecasts, so if you see that the global population reaches nine billion, that’s a prediction. You can click on that link; it will go in depth and explain why that prediction is on here. It’s really cool to look at.

The next category is software. is one of my favorite sites of all time. I use it every time I work on somebody’s computer. With this, you can install or update multiple programs at once in one single window, and you don’t have to do anything. It runs it all automatically in the background for you, so no more just sitting through clicking, installing a whole bunch of different software. You go in here, and you check which software applications that you want to install or update on your computer, you put a checkmark on them, and then you click to get the installer, and it’ll download this small executable file that will run, and it will install all the programs that you selected automatically by itself. You don’t have to do anything, you walk away to have a coffee and come back, and it’ll be done. And that’s for windows. For Mac, there is a website called that basically does the same thing. It doesn’t offer as many applications as ninite does, but it offers some of the most popular free applications for the Mac. this gives you a good way to find alternative free software applications. So if you’re looking for a free alternative to iTunes go to this site, and you can click on your operating system or go to music category and it will give you the best recommendations for alternatives to iTunes, so it’s a great website to discover new awesome free software apps for your computer. is a free public email system. So let’s say you need a throwaway email address really quickly to put in some type of sign up form. They’re gonna send you like a free book or something-something that does not have any personal data tied to it or anything like that because this is a free public email, but anybody can access, but it’s just a throwaway email so you can avoid spam. It’s also be going here go to mailinator you can create your inbox, or you know it gives you suggestions for an inbox you just click that and use that email address for whatever you’re signing up to, and you can go ahead and check that e-mail free publicly without having to worry about any spam coming to your personal email.

Next category is the fun category. These are just fun random websites that you can waste time on or actually get some use out of.

Not Pron is an online riddle game that is next to impossible to solve. It has so many levels it’s called the hardest riddle available on the internet, and it really is, like it is really hard. So you just go here and you click start. Don’t expect to be doing things for the next few days. You’re gonna be obsessed with getting to the next level on this online riddle. And I’m sorry that introduced this to you, and I apologize, but yeah go ahead and check that out that’s

This next fun website is and when you go to this site is going to load up in your browser, and there are all kinds of different things to do. You can just mess around on this computer, I mean the links are clickable, you can go to the start menu and look at documents, you got I Love You messages, and there are different easter eggs hidden in on this Windows 93 virtual computer. So go and play around on this, it’s really fun and really cool if you’re a geek, and you enjoy the old-school windows.

The last website of this category is Virteract is a regular online gaming website that has games of all kinds. For action lovers there are online action games, for those who are more interested in arcade gaming, it has all sorts of arcade games that are pretty addictive. So, if you are looking for fun games for when you are bored, is your best bet. This site requires no registration and all the games are ready to be played at just a single click.

The next category is the productivity category, and this just has two sites the first site is really simple as was discovered this website a few years ago and it honestly does work for me.
So if you’re always working by yourself in a quiet room like me in my living room, then you kind of want some ambient noise and what coffitivity does, it just plays the sound of a coffee shop a busy coffee shop. It may sound dumb but it actually does help me like do work it helps me get work done because it just makes me feel like I’m surrounded by other people in a coffee shop who are other doing work, and it makes me feel like I’m not alone and I’m I think this would help you out if you are like me, and you work alone and usually work in a quiet environment. It Kind of get you your mind going in your eyes the ideas flowing I just let this play in the background while you work and it’ll definitely help you out is my favorite place to get wallpapers. This is the best place to go in my opinion. I’ve been going to this site for years to get my wallpaper, and it has the most incredible desktop backgrounds that you can download for free. I think having a nice, calming or just beautiful desktop background on your computer kind of gives you inspiration. Something that makes you feel good and makes you happy and gets you started for the day because, these photographers who put these pictures on this website are amazing, they’re talented, and they take some of the best pictures.

And last but not least is the health category
if you’re like me and you have random things in the fridge you don’t really go grocery shopping, and you don’t really like to waste time cooking. is a pretty cool website to have. All you have to do is select what you have in your kitchen currently and then it will give you suggestions based on those greens that you currently have. It’s kind of cool; I always struggle with what to cook so this is a huge help for me.

The last website is this automatically creates meal plans based on your diet goals. So if you have a daily caloric goal of eating 2,000 calories per day, and you want to do it in three different meals, you just input that right there on the home screen, and you choose what you like to eat. If you like to eat anything, just click generate, and it will give you meal plans and meal recommendations based on what you enter. It saves time and saves you from deciding what you’re going to eat every single day.

So that was my list of cool websites that I think you should know, and you should bookmark right now, share with your friends.

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