Amazon Alexa & Echo devices and Fire TV stick- Offers and discounts available

These are the devices which are based on human and machine interaction and this has taken the technology to the next level. From Amazon, you can buy these devices at discount rates. Moreover, there are discount coupon codes, bank offers, and EMI plans which will definitely make your shopping more affordable. Now let’s know what exactly the Amazon Alexa and echo devices and Amazon fire TV stick are.

What is Amazon Alexa?

If you’re familiar with Google Assistant or Siri from Apple’s then you might have an idea what actually they can do for you. Likewise, Alexa can work as your personal assistant and the best part is you don’t have to pay her for its services(giggles). Alexa can do anything that you ask her, what your mobile phone can perform and much more. Adding on, it coordinates amazingly with Amazon Echo devices as well.

What is the Amazon Echo device?

Amazon Echo devices are the exclusive collection of smart speech system launched by Amazon for their smart users. They can help you to attend your calls, set reminders, alarms, play music and more. The four variants of Amazon echo devices can be named as Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Spot, and Amazon Echo Plus. And, you know what their smartness lies in their smartness lies in Alexa

Key features of the Amazon Echo device

  • Easy to use: Just connect with your Amazon echo device and securely link with Alexa app.
  • Alexa: It can be considered as the brain behind the smart speaker. Amazon echo devices are just speakers with a microphone but the twist is they’re without Alexa.
  • Ready to equipped with any room: Amazon Alexa device is in the portable in nature and can be easily arranged anywhere inside the home. You can place into your drawing room and it amazingly set the musical ambiance or in the bedroom to use it an alarm clock.
  • Voice control: You can ask any question from any of the Amazon Echo devices. Or you can only ask to say you “Alexa” to wake her.
  • Play music anywhere: You have the flexibility to connect all your Amazon Echo devices to your wifi and play same on each of the device kept at numerous places by just a few words “Alexa Play Music Everywhere”.
  • Hands-free calling and messaging: Just command your Amazon Echo device and make calls and do messages to anyone without typing.
  • Far-field voice recognition: It can listen to you anywhere in a noisy environment and the device has inbuilt 350-degree microphones.
  • Smart home: Can be controlled smartly with switches and plug points by your voice.
  • Skills: Amazon Echo devices is featured with many skills including booking a massage from Urbanclap, ola cab, or order products from Amazon website.
  • Compatibility with Prime: The Echo devices are compatible with Amazon prime services as well. For an example, you can make orders or listen to your favorite song from your Prime library.

Amazon Echo Dot- Buy 2 and get Rs.1000 off

Among the list of Amazon Echo devices, Amazon Echo Dot is the most basic variant. The device is ready to meet all your expectation that you can expect from an Amazon exclusive device. The Amazon Echo device is previously priced as Rs. 4,499 but now Amazon is giving a discount of 9% and can be purchased at the price of Rs.4,099. And, if you add two Amazon Echo dot devices in your cart and you can get additional Rs.1000 discount on your purchase. Additionally, there are EMI options and no cost EMI starts for Rs. 195.

Amazon Echo Plus- Get 10% discount on purchase

This is the second variant in the list of Amazon devices. This device comes along with speakers and tweeters to give you an unrivalled experience. Beside this you can take all the advantage of Alexa as well. Amazon Echo Plus price has been dropped and you can buy at 10% discount rates this means for Rs.8,999. You can also get Rs.1000 off on the purchase of two as well.

Amazon Echo spot- Buy 2 and get Rs.5000 off

This is the most unconventional one in the list and top that the system is equipped with smart speakers and also got a screen. This means you can easily call or message hands-free. The product can be purchased at prices of Rs.12,999. And, if you buy two Amazon echo spot device than you can receive additional Rs.5000 off and EMI plans start for Rs.630 .

Amazon Echo Plus- Buy for Rs.14,999 and get for Rs.12,999 using Amazon Promo Code

This is the most amazing product in the range of Amazon Echo devices and you can buy it for Rs.14,999. Even you can buy this device in EMI’s as well and plans start for Rs.713. The device comes with an upgraded version of tweeters and has also got an inbuilt smart home hub. The speakers are matchless and integrated with woofer and tweeter.

Amazon fire TV stick- EMI plan starts for Rs. 190

Now, this is the time to discuss Amazon Fire TV stick, this is the device which allows you to stream movies, TV shows, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Ganna, Netflix and more. It is very easy to use all you need to connect with pre-registered Amazon account and experience the entertainment at the next level. You can buy Amazon fire TV stick obviously only from Amazon at the price of Rs.3,999 and EMI plan starts for Rs.190 only.

So, now onwards get smarter with the updated technology based Amazon Alexa and echo devices and Amazon Fire TV stick. Buy at very discount rates from Amazon Coupons website and make your home smarter than ever.

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