Amazon vs Flipkart affiliate program which is better

In past few years India has seen the growth in the e-commerce sector.

People  has addicted towards online shopping websites. people generally confused about

Amazon vs Flipkart affiliate program which is better?

It has became very helpful for  people to save  time, travelling etc. specially on the occasion of festival we think twice thrice to go out for shopping because of the crowed and rush of people.

But this online services provided easiest way to do shopping for everyone, and provided opportunity for the affiliate marketing.

The major source of income for the bloggers was the ad sense, before affiliate launched. These days in India specially affiliate marketing is in boom.


There are many online shopping website. I am mentioning here few famous and talk of the town websites like FLIPKART, SNAPDEAL, MYNTRA, AMAZON ETC.

The affiliate program was earlier started by Flipkart in India. But it was having lots of disadvantages due to which bloggers were waiting for amazon to enter in Indian online shopping market   and the  wait was over In 2013 AMAZON  launched the same program and the competition grew up among both the online websites.

The procedure was to sign up, get the links , referring people and earn money.

lets check out for the pros and cons of these two online shopping websites.

Flipkart affiliate program :

Amazon vs Flipkart affiliate program which is better

Pros of Flipkart affiliate program :

  1. conversion rate is high
  2. You get approval easily and instantly as there is no approval process.
  3. on gadgets, books you get good commission rate
  4. on the purchased product you earn the commission rate within 45 days.

How much Pay Flipkart for affiliate program ?

Here is the list of Flipkart affiliate program:

Amazon vs Flipkart affiliate program which is better


cons of Flipkart affiliate program:

  1. After buying any customer returns or cancel the order the amount you get is deducted.
  2. they provide monthly ,quarterly , yearly reports rather than daily reports for tracking.
  3. Less commission rate apart from books and gadgets.


AMAZON affiliate program:

Amazon vs Flipkart affiliate program which is better

Pros of AMAZON affiliate program:

  1. earlier commission rate was less , now they providing commission rate upto 20%
  2. daily report for tracking and well sorted things.
  3. the amount doesn’t get deducted once the product is delivered.

Cons of AMAZON affiliate program:

  1. The commission rate you get within 65 days.
  2. There is less commission on books.
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