Apple iPhone vs. Android Phones – How to make the right choice

This has been the raging debate for quite some time now and users often find themselves at bay wondering as to whether they should go with Android phones or iPhones. After all, one has a lot of fantastic options and the other while being equally good, is a tad bit expensive. It is puzzling for many when they weigh the pros and cons of each of these phones with one another in order to make a decision. Having worked with both the platforms and being a leading iOS and Android App Development Company, we have compared the two to help you get clear insights.

Android vs iPhone

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iPhones not only look good, they also have a good camera

The camera in an iPhone is high definition, has a great resolution and is superior to the typical Android phones that one usually sees in the market. Apple uses its own custom made processors for images and that reflects in the quality. In our experience with iOS and Android App Development in India, we find that iPhone cameras are better in quality. Android phones that are released by Google are on par with that of iPhones however the typical Android phones aren’t a match for the iPhone’s hardware.

iPhone Apps are the developer’s first choice

Millions of apps get submitted each day at both the Play Store and the App Store and yet most of the developers prefer to launch in App Store first, at least the good ones do! Apple is the first choice for launching an app and people try it out on that platform first and only then move to Android.

User experience is paramount for iPhone

Apple has always been one for user experience, every release, every fix and virtually anything that comes out from the company has user experience as the main focus and this perhaps is one of the main reasons for the iPhone’s popularity and success despite being pricey. The phone is simplistic and easy to use not to mention the super smooth interface that the phone has. It is very easy for even e beginner to figure out how it works and is perhaps one of the best products from Apple till date. We are an iOS and Android App Development Company and we are indeed partial to the iPhone given its user experience.

OS updates are way easier with iPhones

You can choose to update your iPhone with the latest iOS on the day it is released! This can’t be said for most Android phones. Software updates are a painstaking and time consuming process when it comes to Android phones. While with an iPhone, it is very simple and easy for you.

Compatibility of Apple products is unparalleled

In our experience with iOS and Android App Development in India, we’ve found that Apple products are excellent in the compatibility aspect. You can draft a mail on your iPhone and complete it on your Mac, send/receive messages from your Mac and sync your devices to perform many such actions with ease. Most Android phones however are not up to the mark in this regard and Apple products are far easier to work with from an end user’s perspective not to mention their security and incredibly good quality hardware characteristics.

iPhones are most definitely worth the price; in fact, you can even resell them at a handsome price when you wish to go in for a newer model! Could you ask for anything better? We hope that we have provided you with some clear insights about the differences between android phones and iPhones with this write up.

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