Apple Watch Review

When the Apple Watch was to be announced, there was an excitement among fans and non-fans alike. What great features could the global company offer this time? A smartphone like gadget strapped in on your wrist – offering you support with your daily social activities as well as entertaining you with its multiple apps. Even now that it has launched, it has not left a single stone unturned – not only with the features and specs, but also with the price at which it is offered. Yes, the Apple Watch is definitely a treat that is not easy to get for the ones who don’t want to spend huge sums. And believe it; the price at which it has been offered is way more than most phones available in the market.


So, what is so special about this Watch that makes the price so high? Well, a lot of reasons support the theory behind it. Firstly, it has been developed by Apple which in itself explains the high price. Next comes the technology that has been a key factor behind its interface. Besides that, you also get a variety of other features which will be discussed in detail down below. But, whatever your theory or speculation about this flagship device might be, the features and the style it offers are truly intriguing to look at.

People who would love it are definitely going to try it out no matter what the price has been set for the device. Just like the iPhones had a huge line in the market at their announcement, similarly the Apple Watch did too, surely, not to that extent. That said a key factor behind the technology is the smoothness and non-lagging features which had already made Apple smartphones a big hit. While Android watches are also there, and no doubt they work favourably well, yet there has always been something exotic about the Apple products which have always earned a reputation in the market. Now without further ado, let’s take a look at the features offered by the Apple Watch and understand whether it’s up to the mark or not.

Externals: Design and Display:

The Apple Watch launch had many questions in the mind of the people – especially, about the design and display. Users admire stylish looks, and that is what the watch had been gifted. The Apple Watch is available in three specific models namely – stainless steel model, the aluminium sport model and the gold edition model. Each model differs in the price as well. The quality for all these differs in terms of material used. Apart from the expensive attributes, you might love all three upon your wrist or any particular one. Besides the model, there is also an availability of two different sizes for the watch. One is compact more particularly for women while other is a larger one. However, users have preferred the larger one for an easy interface.


Taking a look at the display, the Apple Watch features an Ion-X or Sapphire glass coating with an OLED screen. It is quite crisp compared to other smart watches for sure. Most importantly, the OLED screen adds up a better battery life to the watch as it takes less power. The resolution offered is 272 by 340 pixels for the 38 mm version, and 312 by 390 for the 42 mm version. To compensate the power consumption by the larger model, a bigger battery is provided. While the interface and the display are spectacular, the traditional circular look for the watch is absent as the design is rectangular which might not be that attractive for many. But, this does not make it a bad investment like the previous pebble watches brought up by the company in the market.

Internals: Hardware and Software:

The Apple Watch features a 1.32 and 1.52 inch screens for the two sized models. Operated by iOS system, the watch covers up 290 ppi density. Also, the type offered is MID with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well. A smooth capacitive touchscreen is operational in the watch due to a decent processor offered by the company itself. However, a more detailed knowledge of the processor and chipset is not provided yet. All this does influence the battery life which unfortunately is just one day. But, to compensate low battery, a clever inductive charging is offered which can charge the battery quite efficiently. Besides that, you only get internal storage for the watch without any expandable slot.



The Apple Watch might not have a camera, but it does have a decent connectivity and synching features available with it. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi availability make it synch with your iPhone really well. This also lets one synch the camera of the phone on your watch’s screen. Most of the apps that are to be used will be easily viewed on the watch without the need of checking the phone. The connectivity with your phone will make sure of that, period. You also have mono speakers and a built-in microphone with this beauty letting you take up calls and talk through it without your phone.


The Apple Watch truly delivers a masterpiece in today’s world. No doubt the specs and features have been developed for keeping it mainstream. But, nowhere can it be termed inexpensive. You get a technologically advanced gadget that is way over a normal person’s pocket. But, fans are never blocked by the prices offered as they love the reputation and standard offered through Apple’s distinct flagship devices. Surely, the prices won’t remain the same and will eventually decrease for these watches. But, that time is yet to come and until then, people will have to go along with these only – which surely are not bad at all. The price available for it is 349 USD to 17000 USD. If price is not a criterion for you, then surely you should not stop from buying one to enhance your cellular experience.


  • 1.32 inch OLED capacitive touchscreen display
  • Internal storage without any expandable slot
  • Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi
  • iOS
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