Audi R8: Italian heart in a German body

Audi R8: Italian heart in a German body


Audi R8 Sedan was launched as the flagship car of the company. The car has seen major changes and enjoyed some praise in the market. However, all the reviews are not the same. A few reviews even said that the car is dull and rigid when it comes to the driving part.

Whereas, some of the reviewers have expressed great views based on the interiors and the power of the car. Audi R8 Sedan is a perfect blend of art and technology. It features a V10 6.0L Petrol engine which delivers the power of 340PS. Keeping apart the technical information, the car is fun to drive and is one gorgeous machine on the road.


The major advantage comes when we talk about the comfort in the car. The seats are very comfortable and there is an ample legroom for the rear seat passengers too. The interiors are classy, refined and use high-quality materials. The engine is fuel-efficient as well as powerful. The fuel economy is an aspect which cannot be seen in other large luxury cars.


The storage is an issue if you are carrying luggage for 4 to 5 days. The trunk is comparatively smaller than the rivals. The infotainment system is not up-to-date. A few controls are hard to reach.

The car has seen a few significant changes. The interiors of the car have been upgraded. The materials used in the interiors give it a rich feel. However, the infotainment system was not upgraded. The power of the engine has increased to 333HP and can extend up to 605HP.


There are four trims available for Audi R8 based on the power delivered by the engine. The most basic version uses the V6 engine which delivers about 333HP. The TDI version is an AWD when it comes to the drivetrains and the engine delivers about 240HP.

The Sports version is equipped with the V8 engine and can deliver a massive power of 450HP. The top model is the W12 model. It uses the premium W12 6.3L engine and can deliver 500HP. The 2018 audi R8 msrp of the two trims- V10 Quattro and V10 Plus,are $164,900 and $194,400 respectively.


2018 Audi A8 can be a good start for the people looking to invest in the luxurious cars. In some aspects, the car lacks behind the rivals. But however, the car offers a comfortable ride with the good handling capacity given to the driver. The car is roomy and the interiors are high-quality. Even if the infotainment systems are not updated, the safety and convenience features are up to the mark.


Audi R8 is a Quattro Sedan and is like a fortress on the wheels. It will definitely turn heads when it is on the road. From the outside, all the trims look similar. However, there are major differences in the engines. The 2016 Audi R8 features a sunroof or a moonroof. The roofs can be used dually or one at a time. The doors and windows have a defrosting feature.


The main advantage of the Audi R8 interior to the driver is the adjustable steering wheel which is wrapped with leather for added comfort. The driver can sit in the most natural position while driving the car. The cabin is also equipped with an alarm system that alerts the drivers or the passengers based on the alarm set.

There is a trip meter to maintain the record of distances covered in a trip.

Moreover, there is an illuminated driver vanity mirror and the seat massage for added comfort. The car also has rain-sensing wipers which means that the driver does not have to worry about it. The mirror memory saves time to adjust the mirror every time is folded. The keyless entry, backup camera, heated mirrors and garage door opener, make it one of the best in its class.


When it comes to the safety, there are 6 airbags fitted in the car. There is an airbag for the driver, front head and side airbag and rear side and head airbag. There is also a passenger sensing airbag in case the car topples.

The automatic braking system, traction control, and brake assist prevent the car from skidding and help in the acute turns. There are other state-of-the-art features such as night vision, daytime running lights, cross-traffic alert, and lane keeping assist.

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