Avail the Private Cloud Hosting for a Secure and Reliable Business

Cloud computing is becoming popular and more preferable for various reasons and services that it offers like pay as go service, flexibility, scalability and affordability. The major difference in cloud computing and the traditional hosting is that the latter uses a single physical server while the cloud computing involves use of pooled resources from several physical servers spread across different data centers all over the globe. Cloud computing again is offered in two forms of private cloud hosting and public hosting.

Private cloud hosting

Private cloud hosting offers all the cloud hosting features to a single tenant. The entire infrastructure is allotted to the single tenant thus guaranteeing smoother performance and higher security. The private servers can either be hosted in a service provider’s data centre giving the user more advantages of higher service levels with the latest and most advanced infrastructure at a monthly service fee or host it in the client’s premises.

In a private cloud the customers enjoys two important exclusive traits. One is seclusion with an enclosed surrounding where no other entity can get access to any of the infrastructure and the second feature is the higher level of network security.

Some benefits of private cloud hosting include:

a] More secured environment: Though there is ample security in public cloud  to a large extent with private cloud the customer has better control on its distinct pool resources as the accessibility is restricted to a few employees and partners as designated by the client.

b] It is customization. In a private cloud, the client can configure and manage the IT infrastructure as they want to suit their business requirements. They are allowed to set up and amend the hardware, data storage and network specifications to meet their changing business needs.

c] It is cost effective. In a private cloud, one does not have to make any investments for the IT infrastructure. The company can hire the resources required at any given time and has the flexibility to reduce or expand the infrastructure as it deems fit. The service provider sets up the infrastructure and provides technical support. The customer is saved on the investment of employing or using an IT professional’s service.

d] Private cloud is reliable.  Here the resources are hosted internally in a virtualized operating environment. Even if one of the servers fails it will not hamper the performance and reliability of the website as the resources are automatically drawn from the nearby servers.

e] Cloud Bursting choice.  The private cloud hosting companies offer the choice of utilizing the cloud bursting solutions. In this option they shift some of the non sensitive functions or data of the client to a public cloud thus reducing lots of traffic congestion in the private cloud. The customer can avail the private cloud services in case they have any sensitive and confidential data to be stored or as and when the need arises.

Private cloud hosting is a preferable choice for big businesses and IT organizations that look for speed and scalability to match any high traffic flow. But it is not a good idea for a small business to opt for the cloud environment in their initial stages of business.

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