The Very Basic Guide to VR Goggles in Australia

Virtual reality is an extremely attractive realm, but to most of us it’s still some kind of magic that’s hard to understand. VR goggles are superior to regular 3D glasses because they provide two separate images, one for each eye, instead of just one for both. It means the lenses are polarised and offer a greater depth of perception. With the more advanced versions, the images change as the user moves around or turns their head, thanks to a tracking system. In Australia, purchasing a pair is no difficult task. Shoppers just require a little guide to understand this product better and be ready for its acquisition.

What can you use them for?

VR glasses are suitable to a variety of products. You can use them if you’re a gamer, to experience wonderful 3D action, with simulators or to explore different worlds and realms. They are used across all entertainment spheres to get the closest effect to reality. Plus, they allow you to have free movement and react to the stimuli.

VR Goggles

What exactly do you need to buy?

Assemble your VR kit by starting with the headset – its most important part. This is the goggles-like device to be placed over your eyes. There are two types of headsets sold by virtual reality glasses Australia retailers: the ones that connect to a mobile phone and the range that connects to a computer. The latter are the pricier. Normally, the headset features a built-in mic, as well as headphones. Also, you may have to acquire a powerful PC, especially if you’re going for Oculus Rift. Whichever brand you choose, go see the required specs. You may want to get a controller but before that, you must check the compatibility with your chosen headset. Not all accessories can be freely matched yet; the companies are currently working on that.

The connectivity

As mentioned, you can connect your kit to either your mobile phone or PC. It is true however, some models have their own app stores but, in general, you can download and access apps using a smartphone or PC.


The famous Oculus Rift costs $600, while another well rated model, Samsung Gear VR, is $100. Sony PlayStation VR is about $400, with HTC Vive being the most expensive, at $799. Google’s own devices are by far the cheapest, but the materials are totally different from the rest and not in a good way.

Filming virtual reality

If you are planning this, don’t expect it to be simple. You will have to buy equipment like cameras and software for editing. Therefore, prepare for another expense and make sure to look after rotating 360-degree cameras. Commit to this only if you are sure you want to have your own virtual reality videos.

Is it possible to ‘meet’ your friends in VR?

Not really so. Sure, developers are working on complex interactions but for now only Oculus has somewhat succeeded in becoming more social, by allowing people wearing headsets to interact with objects together. However, there’s still a long way to the really social stage for VR.

Remember that virtual reality is not similar to augmented reality. The former is a way to immerse you completely into another world that you’re viewing through the headset screen. Augmented reality lets you look at the real world but it adds some new elements that aren’t actually there. The two terms are not interchangeable.

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