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Uber, the world’s most downloaded mobile app for cab hailing and ride sharing has transformed the way people commute to places. Today, millions of passengers use Uber to reach their work, hotels from airports, and back home. At Uber, the team relies on a fleet of cab drivers who have been enshrined in their passenger charter as the pillars of their business. But, without owning a single cab or employing drivers as permanent employees, how does Uber manage to provide real-time service to customers?

The real hero for Uber has been the data science team that has ‘set the world’ in motion, at least in the transportation business. And, today, the company not only solves problems in commute but also in driver’s life quality, food service, and online retail. The team is always looking out for new talent in the data science team.

What kind of roles does Uber usually hire for?

Uber hires regularly for Database managers and SQL Experts who can up-skill their machine learning algorithms with high level programming such as Java, Scala, Python, R and others.

The roles that are open at Uber include Data Engineer for Software and Cloud, Android PAYMENTS App Security, Data Analyst – Supply Chain and Business, and Data Quality Engineer.

Uber’s Benchmarks are Invincible in the Marketplace

Uber’s India Operations is very strong, and it competes with the counterparts in the American and South East Asian markets with unmatched proficiency. Building and running an efficient Data Engineering and Analyst Team is the reason behind its successful operations in India.

A usual day in the office for a Data Science team member looks something like this —

Reporting the ownership of the core data pipeline and collaborating closely with the large-scale data pipelines, data storage, managing libraries and evolving data model for Supply Chain, BI, Marketplace, Uber Eats, and finding self-service options in the mobile apps.

The supply chain of data science team flows logically between research and execution.  It also involves incorporating better data processing practices and deploying faster software deployment platforms.

What are the qualities needed to become an Uber Data Engineer?

Experience with handling a large scale data warehousing architecture and data modeling schema is a must. Candidates are tested on proving their mantle in architecting and provisioning large batches of ETL using a wide array of Big Data and Customer intelligence tools created from HADOOP, Spark, Presto, Cassandra, and Hive; SQL languages, and SQL engine knowledge will help grow you career to build your own Uber team in the future.

You will be working with a team of experience Software engineers, data scientists, and analysts who could be coming from diverse backgrounds in science and technology. But, mostly the team is in sync with definition of group goals, and software coding and Cloud security practices are standard protocols.

You can learn the core of Uber data engineering from a recognized global Data Science course online, and grow your salary by  5X times.

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