Benefit of Setting up Email Filter on cPanel at BigRock

The best feature of business email is the “Email Filter.” This feature is typically for the database programs and spreadsheet, and now it is also available in your email inbox. The email filters work well for any business. It would ultimately manage & filter personalized data, business email files, etc. that are highly important a business organization. It is easy to start and setting up email filter on cPanel at BigRock, you just have to open an email you would like to filter. Only you have to click on the “Filter” button or select “filter” from the drop down box somewhere on the screen.

Why is Email Filtration Important for Business?

Business emails typically include important information on project campaigns, official letters, data files, and business proposals. Today, e-mail communication and other online communications devices make it possible for companies to interact with their clients and make transactions. Now, it is easy to manage projects and business transactions from any location across the globe. The extensive usage of business emails urges for more privacy & security of business transactions. There are different unauthorized ways to access illegally or hack the email servers.

How to Setup Email Filter on cPanel at BigRock?

You can opt for email filters that allow you to manage the flow of your incoming messages. Using filters on cPanel, help you to move automatically, copy, forward, delete your spam mail. Here’s a description of you can setup an Email Filter on cPanel at BigRock in a quick & instant manner, see below points:

  • Simply log in to your webmail
  • Now, click on ‘Email Filtering
  • Click on ‘Create a New filter
  • Set a filter Name
  • Set the rules for your filter from the given set of options
  • Now, set an action for the email that fulfills the criteria

To understand the process of e-mail filtration here is an example: If you would like to move all the received emails received from to a folder “Business,” you have to set the criteria as Sender contains and the action as Move message to “Business.”

In this way, you can set multiple criteria’s & actions by clicking on ‘Add’ button, and then click on ‘Create’ and you’re done. All your received emails will now be managed according to set email filter before they step into your inbox.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, businesses don’t have time to waste on managing their emails and cleaning their inbox every day. For them, a clogged-up inbox is something that they don’t like to experience in their work. With effective email filter technology, you can manage all your emails on cPanel in an easier way.

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