Dedicated servers are not easy to maintain. This is the main reason behind their high costs. However, with the advent of the new Virtual Private Servers cheap dedicated server has now become a reality. Cheap dedicated servers are made possible by using low-quality parts of other hosting in inferior data centers. Dedicated servers for Linux are currently trending now. Each of these dedicated servers has an integration of a custom manager tool. By using this manager, users can also buy new domain names from the providers’ TLD selections and can manage all the billing and customer care issues too.

Facts about a dedicated server hosting reseller:

Many companies allow people to become a dedicated server hosting reseller with their resellers’ panel. The resellers are provided with a virtual store i.e., an online store for free from where they can sell the server hosting to customers without even buying them from the provider. So this means that the reseller can run the business without any prior investment. Many companies also enable their resellers with the referral benefits. That means if a reseller makes his or her friends join the business then the prime reseller earns 10% on each of his or her friends’ sales. Providers enable the resellers to sell cloud web hosting accounts, cheap Virtual private servers, and semi-dedicated servers as well.

Dedicated server hosting:

Dedicated servers are that lifeline without which internet may lose its heartbeat. All the big sites of reputed companies are hosted on these dedicated servers. The big and small companies are using dedicated servers as it is essential for handling the big amount of resources of a full machine, which is running a complex and bulky script. The server itself may be used as a remote database server. Dedicated server hosting provider usually uses high-end hardware and features for providing a dedicated server. The reason behind this behavior is reasonable and that is that these servers are expected to handle a huge amount of data, and other heavy tasks like handling heavy scripts. However, this reason makes the servers expensive. Top class servers use multi-core processors, high-speed RAM, and many other high-end products, which enables the complex sites and web applications to run without facing any problems.

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting:

As mentioned earlier the server hosting is costly due to high-end hardware and other features. However, if Virtual Private Servers and semi-dedicated servers are used for the purpose, then the price comes down. This solution is not old, but the market based on the cheap dedicated server has grown a big time since its origin. The semi-dedicated servers and the VPS hosting are mainly used for driving powerful machines, and for providing improved quality services to their equivalent high priced servers.

Most of the companies are providing cheap dedicated server along with dependable and cheap VPS servers. Cheap dedicated servers are the best offer provided by the companies. Although many companies still choose to provide costly high-end services over cheap dedicated servers, they are few in number.

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