Benefits of Cumulus Cloud Broadcasting Platform

An Overview

Cloud technology is making businesses well-organized by managing and maintaining their IT infrastructure in an efficient manner. The cloud approachability is not limited only to allocating, sharing and saving any size of resources over web regardless time and place, besides; enterprises or businesses use the cloud as a platform to broadcast their products and services.

About Cumulus Broadcasting Platform

Yes, advertisement using cloud has become the most effective and efficient way of delivering information about the products and services to the countless people. When it comes to cloud advertising platform, the one platform, which is serving people flawlessly is Cumulus broadcasting platform, is a new cloud-based broadcast platform developed to make simple content preparation, layout, management, delivery and monetization for broadcasters, by handling all of these processes on a single cloud platform. There is an extensive list of advantages of using Cumulus broadcasting platform, let’s check out some of the key benefits that can be counted as its features.

Reduces Operational Expenses

The cumulus platform is developed as (PaaS) platform-as-a-service for satisfied owners and broadcasters.  It enables to create and deliver linear and nonlinear streams across cable, IPTV, satellite, and OTT on-demand platforms, by reducing dependencies on individual service providers. Cumulus Broadcasting platform is built on a universal, consistent cloud architecture, which is established by Amazon Web Services, it keeps operational expenses low for TV networks.

Allows Adding New Feeds

Advertising through television is most impactful. Cumulus broadcasting platform can be used by a TV network to allocate all of the heavy liftings to the cloud such as content preparation, layout, and monetization. It contains flexibility to choose the best delivery method based on market demand. Since the excellent workflow already exists on the cloud platform, newscasters or business promoters can create regional sub-feeds, informational-feeds or can launch new channels by expanding across vast areas relatively easily.

Helps To Analysis the Traffic Flow

To get a great advertising result via a cloud platform, it is essential to monitor the broadcasting method.  Cumulus Broadcasting platform allows its users by offering an App Exchange module that allows access to some third-party broadcast apps for various workflow tasks, including Electronic Program Guide management, scheduling, rights management, ad traffic and delivery and regulatory QC and subtitling. Broadcasters can then select the essential services and favored providers and dynamically stitch together a custom workflow with proper analysis of that workflow.

Provides Total Control over Workflow

Cumulus Broadcasting platform comprises central content storage that can be controlled regardless time and place. It gives TV networks transparent access and complete control over their resources. By using AWS Glacier archiving, it also has a combined archival workflow with the prompt recovery of archived assets.

Targets the Locality Based Audiences


For monetization of resources, this method of advertisement supports targeted ad insertion feature across linear and OTT feeds that allows broadcasters to insert ads based on a localized playlist. A localized ad impacts the targeted audiences positively.


Cumulus Broadcasting platform supports multichannel playout for live and nonlinear feeds. It includes hybrid layout architecture that enables playout either on the cloud or at the edge of affiliate platforms. It offers scalability and flexibility to TV networks to create and deliver feeds in an impressive manner.   Advertising through cloud platform gives you a list of advantages and enables you to manage your business promotion the way you want. It includes various aspects that certainly bring a boost in your business performance.

In order to promote your business, you must try Cumulus broadcasting platform. Different cloud advertisement service providers are available in the market; all you have to do to lead your business on the path to success is to choose a renowned and reliable service provider.

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