Benefits of getting trained in Data analytics!

Data analytics is the scientific study of a given set of data to reveal hidden facts or spot trends which then can be used to take smart decisions, add value to an organization or remove inefficiencies. In a digital ecosystem, data is precious and harnessing data is a key priority for any institution be it commercial or non-commercial. Data analytics allows to harness data efficiently and given the increasing trend of digitalization, the demand for data analytics has risen magnificently.

Data analytics is more valuable than ever before!

Rise of smart cities with the help of Internet of Things (IoT), increasing prominence of digital markets and the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0) are some of the factors directly responsible for the increasing value of data analytics. No institution, government or private, profit or non-profit, can ignore the value of data.

However, traditional methods of acquiring business intelligence are no longer valid as data acquired through different sources amounts to several petabytes much of which is unstructured. The annual data acquisition rate is around 20ZB today and with more than 3.5 billion social media and 560 million internet users in India alone has made data analytics imperative for institutions.

Wondering how beneficial can a career in data analytics be?

  • Increasing demand

The demand for data analytics professionals is rising at a phenomenal rate because of the increasing importance of data analytics today. Most business organizations competing in a digital ecosystem needs to have a data driven strategy in place for which they require a team of skilled data analysts. Similarly, in governmental organizations and public sector enterprises, data analysts play an important role in sensitive areas like fraud detection, prevention of corruption and saving time and money!

Moreover, there are not as many data analysts as the demand as the entire world is suffering from an acute shortage of data analysts. In countries like India where the drive for digitalization has increased over the last few years, the lack of skilled individuals in the field is creating problems. Thus, individuals working in the tech-sector in India are highly advised to upskill with Data analytics courses online in order to enjoy greater benefits.

  • Hefty Salary and more opportunities
    Given the vital role data analysts play in any organization, they are offered hefty pay packages and lucrative opportunities. For instance, a senior data analyst in India can earn anything between 12 to 16 lakhs annually!

With a Data analytics course online in India, you can also select the field of your interest as Data analytics is being utilized not only in economic sectors like manufacturing, e-commerce and agriculture but also by security agencies, top research institutes and healthcare facilities!

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