Benefits Of Living In A Multicultural City Like Dubai

The introduction of newer and faster means of transportation has significantly reduced travel time between countries. As a result, migration from one country to the other has increased dramatically. A few years ago, Dubai was just a port city and a major trade route due to its strategic location. However, within a short time, the city has become a global player where over eighty percent of the population is composed of foreigners. Since the city attracts people from all over the world, it has resulted in the creation of a multicultural society. Multiculturalism is defined as cultural diversity where people from different ethnicities co-exist.

Do you want to become part of the multicultural society of Dubai? There are numerous new projects in Dubai to meet the growing demand. For instance, you can find properties such as townhouses in posh locations such as Sur La Mer by Meraas or the much-talked-about Port De La Mer by Meraas.

Here are some of the benefits of living in a multicultural society

i. Become more creative

Living in a multicultural society will open you to aspects of other cultures such as cuisines, music, art and more. This teaches you that there are many ways of looking at life. In addition, it will help you come up with different ways of solving problems and will make you start doing things that you might have considered constraints in your personal bubble.

ii.Creates strong bonds

You do not need to have anything in common to create a positive bond with another person. In fact, the best way to know someone from a different culture is by learning various aspects of their cultures and traditions. Have you eaten food cooked by a person from a different culture? Chances are they were happy and passionate to explain the recipe which created further conversation and connection, creating stronger bonds.


The syllabus in Dubai has been designed to accommodate a more compressive and broader aspect of the world. This helps to give children a better exposure where they learn different aspects of a given topic. Children are taught about equality and therefore develop an attitude against racism.


Since employees come from various cultures, they can contribute to a wide range of perspectives on a given assignment. A mixture of different cultures not only helps in problem-solving but also in creating a strong team. A diverse group of employees enriches the working environment which significantly improves the work culture.

v.Skilled migrant labour

A significant part of Dubai’s population is made of highly educated skilled workforce. This provides enough personnel for a wide variety of local and international companies.

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