Which Is the Best GST Software in India?

GST or Good and Service Tax follows the ‘one nation one tax’ concept and has a great effect on Indian economy. Basically, it is a value-added tax which has been imposed on the goods and services sold for domestic consumptions. And after long arguments, discussions and several opinions, GST has been implemented on the Indian law and has become a distinctive historic move by the government of India. It is a simple process yet need the help of the professionals to operate the mechanical system of taxation. Hence, there is a high need to know the best GST tax software to maintain the account books in accordance with GST laws in a more simplified way.

How to Choose the Best GST Software?

Software always depends on your business demands. Every field has a different expectation from various accounting software.

• Always check out the key features of the software such as the flexibility, multi-tasking adaptability, security and so on.

• Make sure your software conducts foreign exchange.

• Make sure the software fulfills all requirements related to payroll.

• Check out if the software is able to keep a record of how much your customer buy, what do they buy, the amount of tax charged on it etc along with some other records as well.

What Are the Top GST Software in India?

Apparently, there are two types of GST software in the market. One is GST enabled accounting software and the other one is GST Filling Software. The first one helps with the accounting while the other one helps in making invoice, filling, and reconciliation.

1. GST Enabled Accounting Software

• Zoho Books: Featuring with the great accounting system and mobile app, Zoho Books is easy to use the software. It will cost near about Rs. 2,500 per year which is quietly affordable. This software comes with some excellent advantages such as it does not need any antivirus software, customization and free version upgrades are available, and it has high control over data and a lot more.

• Tally ERP 9: This is the most well-known accounting software that operates payroll and inventory. Some great features like financial management, product database, taxation management, supplier and purchase order management make this software very effective and useful.

• Quick Books: Another easy to use software which will cost Rs. 5000/- annually. Quick Books software helps in keeping a record of preparing and filing tax. The advantages are almost like Zoho Books software except for the customization facility.

2. GST Filling Software

• Reach Stand Alone GST Filling Software: The easiest and well-used software which is perfect for the tax consultant to manage the tax filings of the clients. This is free software that only requires 100 to 150 rupees for filling.
• Clear Tax: Clear Tax software is more focused on the accounting fraternity. Also, it has free e-learning solution which is indeed a great advantage.

As GST has become an integral part, it is necessary for everyone to have a clear knowledge about the software and its entire process. These are certain best software for GST India which will assist you to figure out the amount of tax you need to pay.

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