Best IEM’s That You Can Buy Online with a Limited Budget

Audio equipment is something everybody possesses in the present world because music is essential for everyone. It may hold different meaning for everyone – a soothing experience, refreshment, healer, party breaker or a casual companion while working, but is definitely an integral part of the day to day life.

When we talk about IEM’s (In-Ear Monitors), most people are quite happy with the one they get along with their mobile phones. Certainly this post holds no meaning for them. It serves only to people who are ready to shed some money to buy earphones that can give them a better, comfortable and more precise listening experience.

The IEM’s are the portable most audio equipment; perfect for carrying with you everywhere. The market especially with the boom in online shopping is flooded with several different brands and thousands of choices because they are the most popular as well especially because they serve the needs of beginners in the category of audio enthusiast.

In this post, we will only be talking about earphones that are good for listening music and if you want IEM’s for watching movies, these may or may not suit your purpose. Also, we will be talking about IEM’s that can be afforded easily. Remember that you can also use rediff shopping coupons and deals to further lower down the price.

SoundMagic E10S

This pair of IEMs is the finest thing you can buy under INR 4000. Do not worry, they cost you around 2000 bucks only, but they are definitely more powerful than anything you can buy even at double the price. SoundMagic is relatively a new brand in the market and not many people know about it. However, when you experience it once, you will forget your love for Sony, JBL and other popular brands.

Before we even go into the audio signature and quality, you can just pay your money for the build quality. The metal construction over the 10mm drivers and the twisted cable are simple worth your every penny. It is a durable equipment and you will never have to bother with tangled cables again.

Coming on the sound quality, they are excellent with fidelity and you can listen to all the instruments separately, staged apart from each other. The bass is not muddy, but deep and it does not interfere with the mids or highs, which are upfront and pleasing. Online shopping is the only way you can purchase them.

Sennheiser CX180

If you need good audio under a thousand bucks, they are one of the best choices. They efficiently block the outside noise (not completely) and offers decent isolation for the price. The sound signature is a little bass heavy and you can find the bass muddy at higher volumes, but they still sound bang for the buck.

You can also buy COWON EM1 in this range if you prefer clarity more over the bass. They also have flat wires and have a wider soundstage than Sennheisers. However, they lack bass, which may be the deciding factor for many of you.

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