Best KissAnime Alternative to watch Free Anime online in 2017

Best KissAnime Alternative to watch Free Anime online in 2017

KissAnime has always been the most reliable site for watching anime. Whenever you feel the need of watching any favorite anime of yours, you can watch free anime online on KissAnime. One Piece, Death Note, Dragon Ball Super, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, you can watch all of these anime on Kissanime for mobile. However, there are a lot of people who always turn to Kissanime to watch anime online for free in 2017. There are some issues with KissAnime which would oppose this idea.

The question which hangs up in the balance whenever this happens would be, “Which is the best site for watching anime online?” For saving your time and making sure that you can watch free anime online in 2017 without hitting a roadblock, we searched throughout the internet to present you few sites where you can watch anime online for free:

  • Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a complete package when it comes to watching anime. Crunchyroll has a disciplined list of anime available categorized in different categories according to genre. You can search anime on Crunchyroll by sorting it out via genre as well. You can either search the genre to find a particular anime of your choice or you can directly search any anime you want to watch. It has a wide collection of anime of cure your problem of watching anime online. Also, Crunchyroll has discussion forums where you can discuss about anime with strangers. You can talk about latest episodes or old episodes and propose your theories here. All of these features along with the latest news about every anime just completes our ordeal of calling it a complete package.

  • Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is another free site which allows users to watch free anime online. You name the anime, it does not matter how much old the anime is or if the episode was released a day ago. It has a clear list of anime available, well categorized to make searching easier for its users. It updates the latest episodes faster than a lot of anime sites to make sure that fans would never be left waiting for new episodes to arrive. Moreover, Anime Heaven has a mobile site as well which allows users to browse Anime Heaven on mobile with delicacy. A feature which makes dire appeal to fans is that Anime Heaven allows anime watchers to download anime for free. Yes, you read it right. You can download your favorite anime with ease and even stream anime online for free, the choice is yours.

  • GogoAnime

It is the world’s largest free anime site to watch anime online. No matter what the genre is, GogoAnime is on the top of the world in everything. You can even download your favorite anime with ease as it provides one main link and one mirror link to its users for watching anime online. GogoAnime also has simple subtitles at the bottom of the video in subbed anime section to make sure its users always stay in their comfort zone. You can watch latest anime online for free on GogoAnime with ease. A lot of dubbed anime are available on GogoAnime as well. There is a section of latest anime on front page along with veteran anime section to keep up the balance on GogoAnime.

What we learnt

KissAnime in undoubtedly the anime website which garners most of the anime fans but there are some technical issues which can force you to make a choice. You should never fall short because of one website. These three sites would always serve you and fulfill your needs. They combine together to become the “Best KissAnime free alternatives to watch free anime online in 2017.

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