Best Tried and Tested Techniques Of Advertising

To run a business successfully, advertising is one of the key elements. However, the success of an advertisement depends on the effectiveness of the advertising technique. Three are a few basic techniques which are used by perhaps all the businesses, is it advertising on national TV or a famous magazine. These techniques have been applied for decades, and they have turned to be very fruitful also.

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Let us know about a few of them.

Effective headlines

A headline makes the first and foremost contact with the consumer. This is why, it should be short, crisp, and attention grabbing. In fact, in advertisement industry, it is said that 70% of the effectiveness of the ad is contributed through the headlines. Moreover, it should also emotionally strike the mass. The more the title is simple and easy to understand by common folk, better are the chances of huge impact.


Humorous content is a fantastic way to appeal a consumer and disseminate the brand name. Even who are not interested in shopping the product will be appealed if the ad is humorous. Hilarious commercials advertising on national TV or radio capture the attention of public at once, and in some cases, it leaves an everlasting impression of a corporate brand.

Cross promotion

Some mediums of advertisements like advertising on national TV are costly. In such cases, the large expense can be cut off by joining hands with some other company whose target audience are same. A planned and well-crafted cross promotion is a great way to reach a large mass and also save advertisement cost. For example, you are selling a hair shampoo and some other company is selling hair oil. Both can be smartly combined to give benefit to each other.

Internet marketing

At present, nothing in the world exists which is not present on the internet. Internet marketing is a powerful tool which not only has benefitted companies but has also reduced the cost of advertising. The majority of consumer nowadays research the products and services before purchasing and in this task what else can be the best medium other than the internet. Online marketing is increasing and gradually making a great place. With a rise in SEO and SMO services, it has become very easy to access target audience. They jointly improve branding as well as online presence.

These are some of the tricks used by businesses and companies to disseminate their brand name in the market.


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