Blog Engage Giveaway ~ DTFP One Month Contest

Blog Engage Giveaway ~ DTFP One Month Contest

A Golden Opportunity To Gain New And Targeted Readers For Your Blog

Hello guys,

Now here i am writing first time for any Giveaway or One Month contest. Blog Engage a big Bloggers community is organizing an amazing Giveaway for Bloggers. Blog engage eventually keep contest for members and bloggers.

Blog engage is a paid bloggers community, that means you can earn many of new readers and followers from the community.  there are about 3000 members engaged in blog Engage, they offer you paid viewers.

So if you want a Huge, real and targeted public on your blog try out blog engage you will get definitely benefit from it. Blog engage covers approx all niche in their blog, so you can get targeted traffic whatever your niche ๐Ÿ™‚

So what exactly Blog Engage Contest is ?

Although you will find many contest there, but here we will discuss here DTFP giveaway only.

Blog engage is giving some interesting prizes this time.

So its money ? NO,

its theme? No,

its Plugin,

any ticket? absolutely Not!

its traffic, traffic and traffic! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes you will get traffic if you will win this Giveaway. isn’t interesting?

I know what are you thinking, you are definitely thinking about participating in this, right ?

Traffic is the Best thing that any Giveaway can give you. this is the most motivational part of this Giveaway to participating.


Blog Engage Giveaway

Blog Engage


So Its Time To Know How Blog Engage Will Give You Traffic.


1. Featured Spotlight

In this category you will get featured in Blog engage. They will write about your blog in Blog Engage and feature you with their readers.


  1. Direct To Front Page

This is like a golden package for you. in direct to front page they will syndicate any of your blog post and publish it in their front page! What in front page? So yes in front page of Blog engage.


3. Banner Ad Rotation

In Banner Ad Rotation, they will make banner for you and add in their banner rotateor.


4. Newsletter Marketing

In this category Blog Engage will send your featured spotlight article to our entire mailing list of over 3000 bloggers.


Golden Tip for Winning contest

Brian is giving you 5 points every time you share about Giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

here is the proof



Get 5 point tweeting Blog engage’s Giveaway




You can Enter the contest here.


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